My part in reaching the world

“What does the Church exist for? (writes Sam Kputu of Calvary Ministries CAPRO, Nigeria)

  1. Upreach: to reach up to God in praise, worship and thanksgiving
  2. Inreach: to reach into one another in loving care and fellowship
  3. Outreach: to reach to those outside of her, in living invitation to Christ, that all might be won to His kingdom.
On these three vital pillars stands the true Church of Christ. We are the bride of Christ, but while we wait for the wedding feast, we are to be the groom of men, wooing them to the Kingdom. It doesn't matter whether they are far or near, friendly or hostile, Jews or Greek. On this mandate we stand or fall before Heaven.”

Although each of us has individual callings and gifts, it is probably true to say that the church as a whole is so busy with #2 that #3 is largely forgotten, especially the needs for outreach in the non-Western world. There are desperate shortages of cross-cultural workers throughout the 10-40 Window and many countries of Europe, some of which are more unreached than areas of the Middle East!

Cyberworld is a vast mission field, yet most online Christian activity is Christian-to-Christian: #2 ‘inreach’. There is a huge mismatch of ministry and need.

This site exists to explain the many opportunities that the Web gives you to share your faith. And it is very important to stress that you do not need to be technical – many opportunities need no technical knowledge at all.

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