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The Day of Digital Outreach

Here’s a good way to add content to your site about web evangelism and IE Day. By copy/pasting a short Javascript code onto a new page within your site, you will automatically draw down into your site the content shown below the line.

Just copy/paste the following code into the a new page on your site. Use your normal header, footer, CSS and standard design. Link to this new page appropriately from the rest of your site.

You can add, if you wish, your own extra material or comment about IE Day after the insert code. Make it as a logical follow-on to the existing text.

The heading and subheading are h1 and h2, so you can control their size and color with CSS. If you want the IE Day link to open for your site visitors in a new browser window, we offer some extra Javascript: this and other tips are available here.

This article is also available for publication in print media.

then copy/paste (CTRL+C/CTRL+V) this Javascript code into your own page:

The text between the two dividing lines below is what will appear on your site:

Other types of linking

If you prefer to link to the IE Day site rather than insert content about it, graphics and text links are available. And please can you help to make IE Day known in other ways?
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