Supporting organizations

In addition to the members of the IEC [], a wide range of other evangelical leaders, ministries and denominations around the world are commending Internet Evangelism Day as a strategic and needed focus:

Internet Evangelism Day helps focus on effectively using the Worldwide Web. I encourage leaders of evangelical organizations, pastors and other church leaders to explore their options for using the Web to win people to Jesus Christ.”
Leith Anderson, President, National Association of Evangelicals []

“The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada would be delighted to be part of this special Internet Evangelism Day project.”
– Gail Reid, Communications Director Evangelical Fellowship of Canada []

“Internet access means millions of people across the world can read, see and heart the good news of Christ in new and exciting ways. Many may stumble across Jesus on its pages by 'accident', but leave then transformed by Christ. I warmly commend this initiative to you.”
– John Smith, UK Director Evangelical Alliance UK []

“The Internet is one of the most key tools that God has given us in the church today. Internet Evangelism is a dynamic, effective, cutting-edge ministry that more people should get involved in!”
– George Verwer, Operation Mobilization []

Internet Evangelism Day illustrates another opportunity to share the Good News by every possible means. Cutting edge ministries that are impacting lives in significant ways continue to test every new possibility. Thank you for acknowledging this new potential for positive good.”
Jim Dorsey, Evangelism Ministries for USA and Canada, Church of the Nazarene []

“What better way to engage today's culture with Christ’s message than through the Internet? The first Internet Evangelism Day successfully laid the foundation for many more as we share effective tools and methods for online evangelism. I encourage any ministry that has this type of interest to become an active participant right away.”
– Gary McClure, Marketing Manager, LifeWay Christian Resources [] (Southern Baptist Convention)

“Cyberspace is an amazing medium for communicating information. What better information is there than sharing about the real meaning of life and solid hope for the future. May Internet Evangelism Day mobilize a new wave of online evangelists.”
– Patrick Johnstone, author Operation World []

“It gives me great hope to know that new generations of leaders are committed to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ in culturally relevant ways, via culturally relevant means. I am glad to commend Internet Evangelism Day.”
– John Stott, preacher and writer []

“The Internet offers churches, Christian organizations and individuals an amazing and rapidly expanding opportunity to share the ‘Good News’ of the gospel with a world in need. I pray that Internet Evangelism Day will inspire many more to utilize this dynamic media to extend and enlarge their witness for Christ.”
– Dr Sterling Huston, Director of North American Ministries, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association []

“The question is not whether Jesus would do internet evangelism, the only question is ‘lHow Would Jesus Do It?’ How would Jesus use Twitter? How would Jesus use Facebook? Thanks to Internet Evangelism Day, we can explore these questions together and get busy living the Great Mission.”
Leonard Sweet, [] author of dozens of books, most recently So Beautiful: Divine Design for Life and the Church (2009).

“What a good initiative! I enthusiastically encourage Christian people to take seriously the opportunity to interact online and communicate with people everywhere.”
– Evan Davies, former International Director, WEC International. []

“Every day lives are being changed through connections that are made through the Internet. It’s an incredible gift that we can use this tool to help people take the next step in their spiritual journey. This ministry is something that anyone can do from anywhere in the world. TruthMedia Internet Group expresses a huge thank you to Internet Evangelism Day for creating awareness so many more can be involved.”
– Karen Schenk, Director of TruthMedia Internet Group. []

“In 10 years of working with hundreds of ministries here at, we have seen a lot of innovative uses of Internet technology. But none come close to the opportunity of using this communications medium as a means of sharing the Good News of the Gospel. I would encourage all to revaluate their use of the Internet in terms of how they are presenting the reality of a personal relationship with a living Savior, and this Internet Evangelism Day will go a long ways toward raising that awareness.”
– Robby Richardson, former Director of Internet Ministries for, leader Internet Evangelism Coalition. []

“With over one billion people accessing the Internet – Christ, the Gospel and the Kingdom must be found there. The language needs to be inclusive, engaging and relevant. I pray that this will engage those with an evangelistic heart and motivation to reach others – those looking for meaning and purpose in life.”
– Gerald Coates, speaker, author, broadcaster, Pioneer. []

“When the apostle Paul said by all means save some he couldn’t have possibly dreamt or imagined of such a fantastic way in which the love of Christ can be made known throughout the earth. Internet evangelism is God answering prayer over and above all that he or we could ask or think. I am 100% behind this means of communicating the good news and endorse if from a full and thankful heart. P.S. I wonder what God has got up his sleeve next to take us by surprise.”
– Roger Forster, speaker and writer, leader Ichthus Christian Fellowship. []

“The Internet is a key tool in reaching hundreds of thousands of people each day and it is an effective way to impact and change people's lives. The importance of the Internet in God's work worldwide is critical and the Internet Evangelism Day initiative will encourage many groups to find new ways of using the Internet to communicate and share Christ’s Good News.”
– Steve Thurston, President & CEO, Integridad Network. [] and Enlace Musical. []

Christianity Today International has worked closely with the Internet Evangelism Coalition since it’s inception in 1997. We have watched the growth of the Internet as a powerful evangelistic tool, and as web usage has exploded around the world new doors for outreach and discipleship are opening every day. Internet Evangelism Day provides an ideal opportunity for churches to focus on this growing mission field, and find new strategies and resources for reaching the world through the web.”
– Keith Stonehocker, Executive Vice President of R & D, Christianity Today International. []

“Churches and individual Christians need help understanding the incredible witness opportunity that is the Internet. IE Day is a great idea that will help cast the vision of an Internet world harvest.”
– Dr. Darel Robertson, SBC Evangelism Response Center [] | North American Mission Board. []

“Warmest greetings to all involved in Internet Evangelism Day. We in the Church of England need the drive and vision that is represented in this imaginative and exciting concept.”
&ndash Rev Richard Bewes, former Rector, All Souls Langham Place, London; Prebendary of St Paul’s Cathedral

“The great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ is that we should take the gospel to the end of the earth through various evangelistic activities. The Internet has proved to be one of he most efficient and reliable means of communicating globally with little or no restrictions, which Christians cannot ignore. Like other means of communication, we urge Christians to take advantage of the numerous opportunities provided by the Internet for evangelism. Churches should promote computer literacy programmes for members to enhance their use of the Internet as outreach to many who need to hear about the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Much as the gospel is eternal and never changes, it will be difficult for us to significantly influence the 21st century if we are not knowledgeable enough about modern tools for influencing world opinion like the Internet. We need to sufficiently saturate the Internet with evangelistic websites and information that can win over unbeliever from the kingdom of darkness into His marvelous light.”
– Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, National President of The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Pastor Word of Life Bible Church. []

“Internet evangelism affords thousands of Christians the opportunity to impact untold numbers of people. The internet becomes a positive tool in the hands of those willing to pray, plan, and act. So I encourage you to take advantage of the IE Day and learn how you can touch the untouched with the good news of Jesus Christ.”
– Dr. Timothy L. Robnett, Director, Next Generation Alliance, Luis Palau Evangelistic Association. []

UCB is already well established on the Internet and, in 2006, we made a substantial investment to launch our first dedicated evangelistic website which, we hope, is going to extend our reach and make it possible for us to forge closer links with the Body of Christ. We are very pleased to be part of IE Day and we look forward to seeing the Kingdom of God extended as a direct consequence of this exciting initiative.”
– Brian Bennett, Communications Director UCB Radio UK. []

“People have spiritual questions! Guess what? They’re not all walking into churches and asking pastors for the answers. The research shows that an increasing number of people are seeking their answers on the Internet. The key is for the Body of Christ to meet these people right where they are. The lost and hurting type a specific question into an Internet search engine, and we must be there with a relevant answer. At, our goal is to cast a broad net across the Internet, establishing credibility and authenticity with our answers. We then use a relational foundation to share God’s Truth and Love. We highly respect the leadership of Internet Evangelism Day, and we will do our part to share awareness with the church community.”
– Randall Niles, Director []

“Visitors are increasingly checking out churches online before walking in to a service. IE Day is an important step toward reaching more people in the community.”
– Tom Harper, Church Central. []

“In these days of ever-emerging technological advances, Christian ministries have an unprecedented opportunity to expand their global reach by effectively using the World Wide Web. Internet Evangelism Day provides a wonderful platform for sharing Christ‘s Good News with a mass online audience, and I am excited to see how God will reveal Himself in mighty ways through the uniqueness of cyberspace.”
– Dr. David Tucker, President and CEO, Trans World Radio. []

“I am so glad for the leadership of the Internet Evangelism Coalition and my friend Dr. Sterling Huston in directing us to use the Internet for something positive like leading people to Christ. My hope would be that every EE church would be involved in this Internet Evangelism Day.”
– late Dr. D. James Kennedy, President and Founder Evangelism Explosion International. []

“We must use every way we can to reach every one. A great initiative!”
– Alistair Taylor, Elim Churches UK. []

“It’s exciting to see the progress being made on the Internet to share the love and grace of Jesus Christ. Internet Evangelism Day offers an important opportunity for Christians around the world to learn more about how they can be involved in online evangelism – and how they can get their local church to participate. As Christians we need to capture the potential of the Internet for evangelism – through chat rooms, blogs and email and by focusing more resources on seeker-sensitive web sites.”
– Dr. Paul A. Cedar, Chairman Mission America Coalition. []

Internet Evangelism Day allows us to focus on proclaiming the gospel through one of the few avenues that leads directly into the homes of unbelievers. The American Tract Society is proud to be a part of this wonderful evangelism program.”
– David Waggoner, Web Administrator American Tract Society. []

Internet Evangelism Day is a great opportunity to start redeeming the most astonishing communications medium mankind has yet invented. The search engine may be king online, but the truth is that most people are looking for meaning, love, purpose and hope – it’s time for mission cyberspace.”
– Russ Bravo, editor, Inspire Magazine. []

“The Internet is everywhere, reaching across cultures and nations and as an information medium it can be used positively or negatively. I can think of no more positive use for it than to reach people with the life-changing message of the Gospel, which is why the Internet Evangelism Day is a great initiative.”
– Rev Dr Simon Steer, Principal, Redcliffe College UK - Centre for Cross-Cultural Mission. []

“The Web is where people are at. We must learn how to be present there; how to persuade people that they want to hear our message and how to make Jesus known in a surfing society. I commend Internet Evangelism Day for moving into this crucial area.”
– the late Rob Frost, former Director Share Jesus International. []

“We in Saltmine are committed to using contemporary means to share the Good News. We wholeheartedly endorse the concept of an Internet Evangelism Day to raise awareness of this tremendous facility which is available to the Church. The Internet has the potential to enable us to reach millions of people but it is, essentially, a person to person communication system by which truth may be shared – mind to mind and heart to heart. When used wisely, it’s a most excellent evangelistic tool.”
– Bill Caldwell, Saltmine Trust. []

“Now that the internet is such a powerful means of communication it is vital that Christians use it to communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ. I hope that Internet Evangelism Day will raise awareness of what might be achieved, not least by sharing good practice and offering effective tools to local churches. Young people, in particular, use the internet to find information and to communicate. Internet Evangelism Day could be a major factor in opening the eyes of Christians to effective ways of reaching young people.”
– Derek Allan, General Secretary, Baptist Union UK. []

“The Internet is now the tool of choice for uncounted millions who do not know Christ – and the tool that may be the most effective way of reaching them. Internet Evangelism Day will help energize and motivate the Church to more effective Internet outreach efforts, and this is a most welcome development.”
– Scott Moreau, Chair, Intercultural Studies, Wheaton College; . [] Editor Evangelical Missions Quarterly; [] Managing Editor Network for Strategic Missions KnowledgeBase. []

“Jesus set the example by always meeting people’s physical needs and spiritual needs, and the same should be true for Christians in the Information Age. TechMission and AC4 strongly support the Internet Evangelism Day as a way to make sure that as Christians approach the online world, we do not underemphasize the importance meeting spiritual needs with every tool we have available.”
– Andrew Sears, Executive Director TechMission: Association of Christian Community Computer Centers. []

“The Internet is a preferred avenue for people seeking answers. While this mission field is exploding in activity, the workers are too few. I pray that Internet Evangelism Day challenges more to become involved for this expanding harvest field.”
– Keith Seabourn, Chief Technology Officer Campus Crusade for Christ, International. []

“Online outreach is an innovative response to today's high-tech world. It is possible to evangelize one billion people through this medium.”
– Tetsunao Yamamori, International Director Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization. []

“Internet Evangelism represents one of the great new evangelism opportunities of our time. It is essential that we work together and learn from one another to maximize this opportunity to reach those beyond the hearing of the gospel. Millions of young people spend hours each week on the internet. We need to find ways to get positive, life-changing messages to them – particularly the Good News of Jesus Christ.”
– Doug Birdsall, Chair, Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization. []

“Time and again I've found the information from IE Day and the related Web Evangelism Bulletin both useful and helpful. I follow those newsletter links a lot.”
– Dan Graves, Webmaster Christian History Institute. []

“Praise God! Keep up the witness. Internet Evangelism Day is a glorious idea. I fully support it. After having carried a 12-foot cross anound the world and in every nation I realize the impact of the Internet. I have a website and now we get about a third of a million hits a month on it. Many come to Jesus and become followers of Jesus. As I walk the roads the internet witness goes out 24 hours a day. Anyone with a computer can become a internet witness. You all at are doing a wonderful job training witness and giving ideas of evangelism. May we all keep lifting up Jesus for all the world to see and know.
– a pilgrim follower of Jesus, Luke 18:1” Arthur Blessit, evangelist. []

“The American Bible Society’s membership of the Internet Evangelism Coalition advances digital Scripture engagement, to lead people into knowledge of salvation through Jesus Christ and a life-long relationship with God. The digital age affords creative opportunities to communicate God‘s Word in new and innovative ways; Internet Evangelism Day is helping us to seize this kairos moment.”
– Chris Thyberg, Director, Digital Ministries /, [] American Bible Society []

“The Antioch Internet Bible Institute and Cybermissions.Org endorse Internet Evangelism Day as a wonderful way to raise consciousness about this exciting new form of evangelism that will transform the way in which we do missions.”
– John Edmiston, AIBI/Cybermissions []

“My prayers are with all those involved in this project. The Internet has quickly evolved into the Christian outreach medium of tomorrow, today! May God bless this event by moving in the hearts of those who have not been reached through traditional methods.”
Freddy Petersen, Director WebMissions [www.AIBI/Cybermissions []]

“The Internet has spawned at least two new sub-cultures that stretch across continents and nations. The world of on-line gaming and the world of chat rooms both attract hundreds of thousands of people, many of them teenagers or younger. In many cases they are lonely and desperate for more interaction with others. Broad-based strategies for web evangelism can have a powerful impact on these live sub-cultures. It is time for us to think, pray and develop the best possible evangelistic ministries for the Internet.”
– Lynn Green, Field Director Europe/ME, YWAM []

“I believe that the internet is one of the most powerful evangelistic tools and will impact the world for Jesus Christ in this generation. As I look around cyberspace I see how weblogs, wikis and high quality web-pages are creating community and influencing young and old alike and I think we as the Church need to be far more proactive in using these channels of communication. Internet Evangelism Day will inspire many in this regard.”
– Dr Daniel Henrich, Media Strategy consultant in SE Asia, []

Internet Evangelism Day is a great way to celebrate the potential for the gospel of this great medium. We can also celebrate the fact that the Gospel itself transcends all means of communication. The incarnation of Jesus remains God's greatest and most powerful word. The apostle Paul was determined to use all means and opportuninites, let’s pray that the Church of today will not lose that fervour.”
– Dick Davies, Communications Director, WEC International UK []

“Reaching out to this cyber-suckled generation requires an engagement at all sorts of levels both offline and online. 21st Century Communication of the gospel is taking place online. I commend to you the Internet Evangelism Day to see what God is doing on the Net and how you can engage with it and benefit from it.”
– Richard Bromley, Director of Local Ministries, Youth for Christ UK []

“ is supporting this effort.”
– Jacqueline Trussell, []

“I heartily support any move to encourage the church to use contemporary technology in the cause of the Gospel. The Internet is one such technology that holds much potential for evangelism, especially as part of an integrated strategy, and the Internet Evangelism Day will do much to promote this.”
– Frank Gray, International Program Director, FEBC Radio []

“A day to focus on using the Internet for mission is a wonderful idea, there is so much potential but so few are making use of it.”
– Matthew Rich, []

“The Internet is changing the way that people communicate and learn. I would support anything that helps Christians to respond to and take advantage of this change, and that’s what Internet Evangelism Day does.”
– Richard Tiplady, British Director, European Christian Mission []

Internet Evangelism Day isn’t about giving a pat on the back to your local internet evangelist. It’s about giving a nudge in the side to anyone who wants to take the gospel to all nations, but thinks they lack the funding, language skills, or travel ability to take on such a huge task. With nothing more than a simple connection to the Internet, anyone can reach out and touch the world.”
– Eric Elder, Eric Elder Ministries/The Ranch []

“Internet evangelism presents a wonderful opportunity for everyone to engage in world mission on a one-to-one basis. Without many of the traditional barriers that real missionaries face, ‘virtual mission’ gives the chance for every Christian to make a difference to a life across the globe in the name of Christ.”
– Mike Frith, OSCAR Information Service for World Mission []

“A great idea to bring together those involved in Internet Evangelism and to introduce those who are not, to this powerful evangelism tool. ”
– David Tait, Walking with Jesus Ministries, New Zealand []

“In a world where many people (and likely most Christians), have a concern about the ‘dark side’ of the Internet, we applaud the approach of Internet Evangelism Day who are showing how the Internet can be used for great and positive good worldwide. This is a program which deserves the support of all who promote evangelism in any form and arena.”
– John Alexander, DramaShare []

“The Internet Evangelism Day provides a great incentive to share the gospel with people who may otherwise go unreached. By doing targeted searches or by visisiting in targeted discussion groups, Christians can share the Gospel with non-Christians in even the most closed countries.”
– Larry Holcomb, Director Urban Impact []

“Men’s ministries in churches across the country should support Internet Evangelism Day to learn how to effectively use the power of the web and email to share the Good News of Christ.”
– Jonathan Petersen, Director []

More endorsements welcome

Evangelical organizations are welcome to offer their endorsement for Internet Evangelism Day, and be listed on this page. Such commendation does not place you under any obligation, though of course we welcome any opportunity you may have to share IE Day with your members or supporters. Please contact us.

Note: Ministry position of leaders listed were applicable at the time their commendations were made. Please advise where a designation should be changed to ‘former’.