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Although this site is registered on all the main international search engines and directories, we need your help to add it to secular and Christian directories (including church listing sites) in your country.

We will be very grateful if you could use the information below as a guide in doing this. Take care to choose a sub-directory that is appropriate for the subject of this site. For non-English directories, please translate the name and description.

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Internet Evangelism Day - a focus day for your church or Christian organization

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This international web awareness resource site enables your church to understand and use the great potential of the Web for outreach.

There are often also online ‘'Events’ calendars for Christian activities. Please add IE Day to these also – checking you have the forthcoming date correct. (It is usually the last Sunday of April, and will be posted on this site well in advance.) If a locality is required, put 'nationwide', and try to modify the information to fit their different boxes.

There are other ways of making IE Day known too.

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