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IE Day exists purely to explain the potential of the Web as an evangelistic medium. It has no other agenda. It makes no appeals for money. It does not engage with political issues.

We will only use your email address to send you our newsletter, or any other information and news that you have requested. We will never rent your email address, pass it to a third party, or use for any other purpose whatsoever, apart than the purpose for which you provided it. It is stored securely. For your protection, newsletter subscriptions are by ‘double confirmed opt-in’. This means two things:

If you also provide us with your postal address for any reason, we wil only use it to mail you whatever material you have requested. We will not pass it on to any other organization.

External links on this site to other web-pages are provided in good faith, but we are not responsible for their opinions, content or privacy policy, their ongoing links, any adverts and popups they carry, or cookies they may set. (For instance, we link to appropriate Wikipedia pages which are excellent for concise factual summaries and ongoing background link. This does not necessarily imply approval of all Wikipedia pages which are inevitably shaped by the worldview and opinion of the contributor.) Also links can cease to work, or domains lapse and be taken over by organizations with a completely different agenda, and we offer a report button so that users can advise us of this.

Links to external sites are color-coded green with the accepted 'external link' mini-icon, and usually open in a new window, with a narrow removable top bar. In no event will Internet Evangelism Day, the IEC, or any member organization or individual of IEC, be liable to any party for any direct, indirect, special or other consequential damages arising directly or indirectly from any use of this website, or use of any other hyperlinked third-party website, or any other organisation about whose existence we may advise you, or for the correctness of any other advice we may offer you.


This site does not create popup adverts, or set cookies which attempt to collect personal information about you. The only cookie set by this site itself is a page-counting cookie which enables appropriate information to be displayed to you. Google Analytics is also used by this site, and it records anonymous statistical information.

We believe that our use of cookies, and this declaration, is in accordance with relevant US, UK and EU law.

If you have any question about our privacy policy, or the information we hold on you, please contact us:

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