Saving this page as a PDF file

There are occasions when it is useful to save a web page as a PDF file to be a permanent resource on your computer, or to send to others. Although it is also possible to save webpages as HTML files, this is less satisfactory, and may involve saving the graphics separately in an overall folder. PDF does away with these complications.

To save this page as a PDF file, complete with all graphics:

This saved PDF will will appear identical to the web page, and will include clickable links.


You can install PDF conversion software on your own computer, to which you ‘print’ instead of to a conventional printer. The advantage of these is that because you are using a print action, the print style-sheet of the page comes into action, and the PDF file contains only the main text, without the menu, header, sidebars, etc. An excellent free program for this purpose is PrimoPDF – may also require Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 to be installed on your computer too. Advantage is that it does not display its own name on the PDF files it creates.