picture of Kevin and Cathy

Kevin and Cathy’s story

TV adverts for the outreach site PowertoChange.com attracted their attention, but Kevin and Cathy were at first skeptical. They went online to check it out. There they found a clear message of truth with the promise of help to change their ways.

Pornography, drinking and guilt dominated Kevin’s life. Kevin knew that he needed to change and prayed to receive Christ. He emailed the site about his decision and requested follow-up. The request was passed on to a church right in his community. Soon after, someone from the church called and was invited to come over with a Power to Change booklet and CD. They had a long discussion and that weekend Kevin and Cathy began attending the church.

Kevin’s life changed and Cathy noticed. He was not the same father and husband he was before. When Cathy saw the incredible change in Kevin’s life and in their marriage, she too committed her life to Christ. They were both baptized and are busy sharing the Power to Change with others.

They tell their story
Kevin remembers, “Five years ago, the most important things in my life were football, drinking, pornography – everything that I shouldn’t do, pretty much ... escaping reality in any way, shape or form ... drugs too. And I was the big bad daddy at home. I ruled the house, instead of with a loving hand, with a bad hand. I’d come home from work and my children would run away from me rather than run to me. I didn’t enjoy running out of the house in a rage, jumping in my company truck, and driving off to the liquor store to pick up rum, sitting on some country road drinking, and then coming home, thinkng, ‘There, everything will be better now.’”

TV ads
PowertoChange.com were running TV adverts at that time. Kevin had noticed one of these screened several times, and vaguely thought it could be an advert for the Mormons. Finally, he says, “It touched me, and I thought, ‘Hey, there’s a website. I didn’ know they were on the Internet. Maybe we should check it out and see who these jokers are.’ Something was drawing me, obviously. So I got up, and went and logged on. Sat there for a few minutes looking at it, and asked Cathy to come and join me. We started reading what was on the site – it was very eye-opening.

“Not condemning”
The thing that struck me the most was – it wasn’t condemning, it wasn’t pushy. It was just offering the truth. The thing that I found was most intriguing was the offer of a relationship with Jesus Christ. I think the reason that it connected with us so quickly and intensely was that we were both at our wits end. We had no-one to turn to, nowhere to go; it offered so much hope. It offered something that no man could give, and – I don’t know – was it the second time we visited the website, I prayed the prayer that’s offered online.”

“Glow I hadn’t seen before”
Cathy says, “Just the look in his face, his eyes – you could definitely see it right away. He didn’t look so hard and angry any more. He always used to look angry and mad about something. Now he had this ‘glow’ that I hadn’t seen before. It was proably four or five months after he did it, that I actually also accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, because I was thinking, ‘Hey, if anything can change him for the better, let's go for it.’”

The children could see it too. Kevin recalls, ”My son came up to me the other day, and said, ‘I really really like the new daddy.’ That was great!”

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