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Church leader

We demonstrate how to build or modify a church website, and check it with our self-assessment tool so that it can reach out into the community.

And we suggest you may wish to consider a web evangelism awareness day at your church. We offer downloads that can create a presentation for your church members. This can reveal to them the potential of the Web for outreach, and the many fulfilling opportunities for them to use their gifts in this area.

Some churches may wish to run training in web evangelism for members, using our resource links.

Churches can also recognize and support church members who are already involved in spare-time web ministry at home.


Computer user

There are numerous ways that you can share your faith online. And many require no technical knowledge at all! For instance, it is easy to create a blog or mentor people by email. You can mention good outreach sites to friends by email.

Take time to explore this site and subscribe to the newsletter to learn more. You can also download our free evangelistic screensaver.


Youth leader

We demonstrate how to use social networking sites, chat rooms, blogs, Second Life, video clips, and websites for evangelism. You can use these materials in training sessions for your young people.

Bible college

Our ready-made resources – downloadable Powerpoint, video clips and print handouts form a ready-made basis for a college seminar or module on the vital topic of web evangelism. We also offer more training resources.

Virtually no training institutions yet offer courses in this area – see our Open Letter to college principals, suggesting the possibility of web evangelism modules. It is important that future church leaders should understand the new world of digital media, and how churches and individual members can integrate the web into their evangelism and discipleship mandate. And also that those training for cross-cultural overseas ministry should discover the Web’s potential on the mission field.


Denominational HQ

Church websites are more common than any other type of Christian site. Yet the vast majority of them are, frankly, not achieving their potential to reach outsiders in the community. This is because they are so often written primarily for the church members, using churchy language and concepts. We demonstrate how to develop a church website that can actually touch outsiders and draw them in.

We also invite denominations to endorse IE Day, promote our resources to your member churches, and also suggest to them that they use our downloads to create a web awareness spot in a church service or other meeting.

You can also integrate our church-site tool page into your own website using some easy-to-copy code, as a resource for your member churches. We also offer a range of articles which can be used in your print magazine, or online.


Web ministry

We can provide you with ready-made web-page content to add value to your site, on many aspects of web ministry and outreach. For instance, our tips about building church websites, and using blogs for evangelism, can be easily inserted into your own site.

Alternatively, you can partner with us by appropriate links to this site, thereby providing a path to equip your site visitors and ministry supporters in fulfilling ways for them to minister online. And you can ask your supporters to focus on your ministry within their own web awareness day program.


Film/video maker

There is a huge opportunity to make video shorts with an embedded message, and post them on secular networking sites such as YouTube.

Mission agency

Mission agencies have been quick to use the Web to reach their Christian supporters. But very few are yet using the Internet for their main purpose of existence – cross-cultural evangelism and discipleship: possible reasons. We demonstrate how a local mission team can integrate a web presence with face-to-face ministry. The Web can also empower ex-missionaries. We also highlight the evangelistic potential of teaching computer use. And our mission-challenge music, drama scripts and video clips can be used in mission advocacy meetings.

Full-time ministry opportunities

There are many opportunities to work full-time in web evangelism ministry. See our vacancies page. We can also give you email advice in this area.

Print magazine editor

We offer a range of articles about online evangelism which are free to use (along with royalty-free photos) in any print magazine. We can also write articles on specific web evangelism topics if needed – please email.

Please also use our news releases where appropriate, and any short stories from our newsletters.


Radio/TV program editor

We offer several ready-made MP3s of different lengths, and we can connect you with individual web evangelists for interview in a wide range of countries.

Our news releases, articles, and news stories are also available to modify for on-air use.


Web safety for you and your family

The Web, as a medium, is neutral, just like books or the telephone. But in a fallen world, it can be put to wrong uses. Learn how to protect yourself and your family here.

Limited face-to-face contact

If you have few opportunities for face-to-face ministry, through geographical isolation, illness, mobility impairment, or family responsibilities, the Web can liberate you into many areas of ministry. Take time to read this site and learn what God may have for you. There are many ways to touch people around the world – and you do NOT need to be technical!

Newsletter/blog editor

News stories from our newsletters: can be freely reproduced in email or print newsletters and blogs, or in radio programs. Check also the blog stories here.

Asking questions about faith?

If you face major life issues, or have questions about the Christian faith, we can suggest web resources that may help. Look at sites such as



Returned/retired missionary

The Internet is a unique medium which equips ex-missionaries to maintain contact with their country of service in several ways:

Outreach ministry

We demonstrate how a face-to-face outreach ministry can be enhanced by an integrated website.

Our free downloads also enable you to create a seminar for your staff, to demonstrate the nature and potential of the web.


Blog enthusiast

Few Christian blogs are accessible or of much interest to most non-Christians. We explain principles for building blogs that can reach not-yet Christians.

If you have a blog written for Christians, you can use any stories or news items from our newsletters, and also blog about any item that arises in these evangelism-related blogs.


Conference organizer

Our downloadable PowerPoint and other resources can be used to build a web evangelism presentation within a Christian conference. We may also be able to arrange conference speakers on this topic too in a range of different countries. We also list conferences about web evangelism and related topics.


Our pages demonstrate how to use writing gifts within an online context, and we can also link you with ministries who need writers.

Trained counselor

If you understand the principles of counseling, there are many opportunities for you to use your gifts online, in mentoring and discipling.

Free music

MP3 songs, backing tracks, lyrics and sheet music – a range of songs which encourage Christians in the need for outreach: here.


Many of our pages also offer communication insights that apply to other forms of evangelism: for instance the Gray Matrix.

Our books page reviews some of the very best books available about effective evangelism and communication.