Evangelism and the New Media

Internet Evangelism Day sitemap

Internet Evangelism Day is a worldwide awareness day for churches, Bible colleges and other Christian groups to learn more about digital gospel outreach using the New Media. Here are all the pages, within subject areas.

Internet Evangelism Day Homepage
Dictionary interface for second-language speakers
Contact us – email form
Blogs about web evangelism
IE Day newsletter
Stories from users
Pray for IE Day
Free evangelistic screensaver
Related gospel outreach seminars and conferences
Get a conference speaker
French web evangelism resources
Spanish web evangelism resources
German web evangelism resources

What is Internet Evangelism Day? – explanation and purpose
Supporting ministries and leaders
Hoped-for outcomes
Statement of faith
Privacy policy
Need for translations in other languages

Planning your IE Day program – resources to use
Free video clips
PowerPoint advice
Our drama scripts listing
One Billion Squares drama
Is Anyone Listening? drama
Man Overboard! drama
Jay’s Story monologue
Last Chance monologue
Value of drama in communication and gospel outreach
World population ticker
Discussion questions
Book recommendations
Free downloadable book on value of Christian humor
Registration form
Post IE Day analysis
Questionnaire to report on your IE Day

Publicity – making IE Day known
Short 300-word news release
There’s a Day on the Way article
Could God use you in Internet Evangelism? article
Googling the Gospel article
Tell a friend page
Tell a leader page
Linking graphics
Diagonal banners
Piggyback your gospel outreach ministry on IE Day
Helping to make IE Day known

Unique potential of Internet – the nature and scope of the Web

Does it work? – dramatic results of online evangelism
Kristi’s story
Patricia’s story (offsite link)
Christina’s story
Kasia’s story
Kevin’s story
Meet some web evangelists...
Doug Reese
Rusty Wright
Karen Schenk
Doris Beck
Lee J Bloch
Bill & Wilma Watson
Laurie Webster
Dave Bruce
Eternity in their Hearts
Sheldon Kotyk
Matt Rich
Greg Lipps
Rob Williams
Ilona Mahel
John & Pauline Etor
Tell your story

Dangers of the Internet – how to protect yourself and your family

Church websiteshow to make them reach the community
Church site self-assessment scoring tool – guidelines to develop a site’ ability to reach into the community
A Tale of Two Clubs – golf parable
70+ tips for effective church sitesguidelines at a glance
Free content for your site – insert the previous page in your own site
Free content for your site – insert the previous page in your own site, iframe method
News release
Pastors resources
Baptismal electrical safety

Outreach sites and effective communication – strategies and examples
Angie’s Story – testimony tutorial
Blogging – for evangelism
Blogging – brief introduction to blogs
Video clips – using them for outreach
Bridge sites using video clips – a useful strategy
Mobile devices – potential for evangelism
Gray Matrix – how people become Christians
Case Study – a tale of two sites
Killing jargon – essential in evangelism
Style and grammar guide – getting it right, and consistent
Page promotion – significant strategies often not used
Planning a website – what to do first
Best blogs about evangelism and communication – view blog feeds on one page

Social networking – there are many ways to meet and interact with people online
Twitter – another tool for social networking
Chat room witness – a how-to guide
Second Life evangelism – a how-to guide
Second Life books – books about SL
Mobile device outreach – a vital digital opportunity

Training for online evangelism – where to learn more
Opportunities – how you can be involved; not just for techies
Internet Ministry Conference – valuable online seminars
Open Letter to Bible Colleges – the need for web evangelism modules
Bible College ministry – how Bible Colleges can facilitate research and web ministry
Research studies – on web evangelism
Social blookmarking – something that anyone can do, and lead more people to visit outreach websites
Second Life – the virtual world within a virtual world
Podcasts – potential for outreach
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