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Church Website Design

Assess and improve your website to reach outsiders

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Your church website has enormous potential as part of your outreach strategy to reach into your community. It can be like an enticing ‘shop window’ and virtual doorway to draw people into faith and fellowship. However, many churches do not understand how to design a website that will do this effectively. This self-assessment questionnaire helps you evaluate your site, and creates a detailed free evaluation report with advice to help you consider new ideas or aspects of the site that could perhaps be modified. It will also help you in planning a new website.

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Mon 23 Jul 2018
  • Work through the questions. You may get more benefit if several of you can discuss them together. Though most questions are factual, some require a subjective assessment by an unbiased outsider.
  • A few questions and answers use technical or missiological words. Hover any word with a dotted underline to see a brief definition, or view our glossary [] for additional information. If you are a second-language English speaker, double-click on any word for a popup definition (and scroll down that window for translations into other languages.)
  • Remember, you are not assessing each question on a 1 to 10 scale. If it fulfills the criteria, it receives the number score suggested – these are weighted by relative importance. If it does not fulfill that criteria, sorry, it should get zero – or even where shown, a minus number.
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