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Free: articles are freely available to republish or adapt for print media, and can be syndicated into websites using a simple insert code.

Free evangelistic literature

Mainly for Africa and Asia

‘SOON’ is a single-sheet evangelistic paper in easy-English and a range of other languages, aimed primarily at those who speak English as a second language. It is distributed worldwide by post. Individuals, very often non-Christians, ask to be placed on the mailing list for a year. Many Christian ministries use it in evangelism and TEFL teachers often find it useful in their classes. OM, for example, frequently uses SOON in their outreaches, including their maritime ministries.

SOON is now printed in color: view PDF samples in English and French:

SOON does not ‘look’ Christian, and secular-sounding headlines are used. This deliberature strategy allows acceptance among those who might not willingly read a ‘preachy’ publication. Emeka (18) from Nigeria, recently wrote to us:

“I am a Muslim in religion and I don’t have interest in reading any Christian magazine. A day came when I was going home from school – at the school gate I saw a paper on the ground. I decided to pick it up and read the content in it. I read [your articles] The cyclist saved from death, Animal Olympics, Everyone is a winner, Wall of fire, and Save your land. All the topics were interesting to me and I decided to write to SOON for more copies. I want to make up my mind to change from Muslim to Christian. Sir, please I am pleading to SOON to send a Bible to me to be able to practice Christian faith. I am also interested in free postal Bible course for studying.”
The editing policy is explained here in more detail.

The team urgently needs new staff.s

The paper is available free in reasonable quantity to any Christian ministry who can make use of it. As a ‘faith mission’, SOON makes no charge for copies, though for larger quantities, some help with the cost of printing and shipping is appreciated. Through the generosity and partnership of Christian Publicity Organisation, production costs are very low – about £9 ($12) per pack of 960. olympic sport outreach

Special focus

Different issues of SOON frequently concentrate on particular topics. The Olympic Games, hope, and exams are recent special issues.

Some sample issues are available to download as PDF files for you to preview or print out your own copies, and also the associated evangelistic Bible correspondence course. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat software to read them:
Issue 160 | 161 | 162 | 164 | 165 | 166 | 171 | 172 | 175 | 176 | 177 | 178 | 179 | 180 | 181 | 182 | 183 | 184 | 185 | 186 | 187 | 188 | 189 | 190 | 191 | 192 | 193 | 194 | 195 | 196 | 197 | 198 | 199 | 200 | 201 | 202 | 203

Free Bible correspondence courses:

Bible course 1 part 1 | Bible course 1 part 2 | C2 questions | C2 study | C3 questions | C3 study book | C4 questions | C4 study book  Your Choice – course sign-off leaflet

Although articles are copyright, SOON Ministries are usually very happy to give permission for articles (or the Bible course) to be reprinted or translated. SOON will happily try to encourage and help anyone else wishing to set up an outreach postal literature ministry in any language.

New Testament and study booklet

Our easy-English New Testament is available online at Gospelcom’s Bible Gateway. You are free to reproduce verses and passages from this New Testament without further permission – but please ask if usage extends to an entire book.

We are also happy to encourage Christian ministries to reprint portions or the entire New Testament for their own outreach. We would like collaborate with other Christian groups to produce, for example, Mark's Gospel as an A3 (11" x 17") 4/8 page production. Four pages (i.e. one sheet of A2 paper folded once) can carry half the Gospel, including graphics. Eight pages (two folded A2 sheets) is enough to print the whole Gospel. Estimated printing costs can be as low ast 3 UK pennies (4.5 US cents) per sheet if printed outside UK. A group in Uganda produced Mark*#9217;s Gospel: view PDF file Contact us if you wish to consider this.

Other free downloads

We also offer a small-group study booklet on Ephesians, free to download and reprint. That page gives access to a range of other free downloads and resources helpful for the non-Western world.

Other languages

Similar papers are available in these languages: Associated ministries produce material in Portuguese for Africa only (not Brazil), German for German-learners, Russian/English bilingual and several small languages.

Read the stories of Jane and Beryl – editors of the Pulaar/Fulfulde and Swahili papers.

Volunteers and full-time staff needed in UK

SOON Ministries needs volunteers who live in UK to help wrap and post these papers overseas from their own homes. Further details on various options available in our fact-sheet. In addition, we have vacancies for further full-time staff at our Derby UK office.

Other easy-English resources

Contact us if you...

Email us

Who are we?

SOON Ministries is a part of an interdenominational mission outreach WEC International. We are based in the village of Willington, near Derby, in the centre of UK.
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