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Transforming a church site to do evangelism and reach outsiders

Our church site self-assessment tool creates an online consultation report to help you to look critically at your church website, and develop strategies to make it communicate to outsiders living in your area. Many churches have never considered how well their church site may communicate with not-yet-Christians, and have not used site testing to find out. Our questionnaire only takes three minutes to complete, then you can view your free 15-page consultation report about your church website, with specific recommendations on usability and strategy. The report also includes suggested further reading, and a highly-recommended video training seminar about church sites.

We may be able to follow up your report with personal consulting with a church site advisor.

What people say about the consultation report

“This report is great for ANY church to help them pinpoint and fix the weaknesses in their site.” comments Mickey Mellen of the Church Website Help blog.

“You brought up a few points I hadn’t ever considered”

”I think it’s great.”

Our consultation page can be easily syndicated into other websitea with a few lines of Javascript insertion code, and freely reproduced in print. It is a valuable design tool.

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Other opportunities

There are also a wide range of other strategies for using the Web to share the good news. This website aims to demonstrate th report now

Other strategies for evangelism

There are also a wide range of other strategies for using the Web in evangelism. This website explains the huge potential of this new medium. Interestingly, you do not need to be technical to do many types of web outreach! Check the many ways that we can help you.

The Web is transforming the way we think and communicate, in ways which will be as far-reaching as the invention of the printing press. Christians need to be ahead of the curve on this, rather than years behind, as we have often been with previous technologies.

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