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  • Right-click PDF links and choose 'save link as', or left-click to view PDF, then select 'save a copy' on Acrobat Reader menu. Choose an appropriate folder to save in, eg My Ebooks.

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You DON’T need a Kindle to download Kindle ebooks
  • You can easily download Amazon’s free Kindle software for your PC or Mac (though they do not make the links obvious from their pages):
    • USA: PC | Mac
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    • or their free apps for iPad and all smartphones.
    Then all you need is an Amazon account, and your computer or smartphone becomes a Kindle reader.

  • We are offering free Kindle ebooks on Internet Evangelism Day, and at other times during the year. Most of the pay-for books we recommend on our books page are also available in Kindle format, usually more cheaply than as paperbacks.

  • Note – our links to Kindle books are made to Amazon USA. Users outside USA may need to switch to their nearest Amazon website: Canada | UK

    They may or may not be available in non-English-speaking Amazon outlets: France | Germany | Italy | Spain | Japan | China to download either free or pay-for Kindle books.

  • An additional advantage of using the Kindle Reader is that are various ways to convert PDF ebooks to the Kindle format and store them in your personal Kindle library.

  • Also Amazon offers a range of out-of-copyright classic books permanently free in Kindle format.

We are excited to offer these key book titles and other resources, with grateful thanks to their authors and publishers. These resources have been chosen to equip you, either specifically for digital evangelism, or also wider areas of outreach, culture and communication.

The only restriction on their use: please do not post e-books online. Bible college libraries can loan them under Kindle restrictions, or other e-book title protocols.

Special book recommendations

Not free, but we highly recommend Len Sweet’s Viral: How Social Networking Is Poised to Ignite Revival and Michael Hyatt’s Platform: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World. These are just two of our recommended titles that will equip you in various areas of digital ministry.

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If you wish to review any of these titles online or in print, feel free to use or adapt any of our own reviews.


Free downloads

Title and author Brief description Review / other information Download
NetCasters: Using the Internet to Make Fishers of Men
Craig von Buseck
B & H Publishing Group

Von Buseck presents a unique overview into the vast and growing potential of the digital media to share the good news of Jesus. Its well-researched and visionary coverage, interviews and case studies are indispensable to anyone needing to understand the nature of the new media and how to use them effectively. Read review 1. Register your name at Lifeway/

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3. Choose 'Read Now' or 'Read Later'. If you read later, you will need to login again to read the book, which will now be available in your free 'library'.

Facebook for Churches
Church Juice 32-page PDF ebook

book cover

Facebook for Churches is a 32-page quick read loaded with tips, examples and strategies for getting the most out of your church Facebook page. Whether you're attempting to pick the perfect Timeline photo or trying to figure out what and when to post, this resources has you covered.

See also their valuable Media Relations 101, an 11-page guide to connecting with local press, TV and radio to tell your church’s story to the community.

Download PDF Facebook for Churches

Download PDF Media Relations 101

Conversations on Church communication

Schraeder and Hendricks
Center for Church Communications

book cover

Appears to be currently available free if you sign up for PastorEquip newsletter

The book draws on the wisdom of more than 60 church communication pros. They cover everything from branding and design, to websites and outreach. This is a comprehensive communications resource for church leaders. Download in a number of formats from Green Books.

Also very cheap as a Kindle ebook.

Tweeting Church:
Good News in only 140 characters

Paul Clifford

Available free intermittently as a reward for signing up for Paul's email newsletter, from the front page of

Twitter has grown in popularity, and is now an integral part of social networking. Paul Clifford's new book is a vital introduction to using Twitter in a Christian and evangelistic context. The author often makes this title available free on Kindle for periods of time, in return for signing up for his newsletter. Otherwise, the normal Kindle price is very low:
Download Kindle ebook.
Well Connected – Releasing Power, Restoring Hope Through Kingdom Partnerships
Phill Butler
Authentic Books/World Vision

Phill Butler's book is born out of many years of helping missions, ministries, and churches to collaborate strategically. (Phil is the ministry leader of visionSynergy which exists to facilitate such collaboration.) He explains, with frequent case studies, the principles needed to unlock the incredible potential of partnerships. There is really no other book that offers all these insights. Read review Download PDF
The Gospel:
For Here or To Go?

Keith Giles
In the West, we often still have to learn lessons for effective evangelism that cross-cultural missions have long since put in practice. Giles explains clearly in this 115-page e-book some key issues in sharing the good news in our postmodern post-Christian age. 'Attractional' and formulaic 'one size fits all' approaches won't work well now, if they ever did. Download PDF
Using Film in Christian Communication
Tony Watkins
Valulable 16-page introduction to the world of film, by culture-watch guru Tony Watkins. Download PDF

Download EPUB version

Creating a Good Church Website
Faith Highway have created this 19-page e-book based on their experience of providing church websites and other resources. Visit Faith Highway Download PDF
Social by Social
A practical guide to using new technologies to deliver social impact

ISBN 978-1-906496-41-8

Written for non-profits, this is a practical guide to using new technologies to create social impact. It makes accessible the tools you need to engage a community, offer services, scale up activities and sustain projects. Book review Download as PDF or zipped PDF here
The Psychology of Cyberspace
John Suler PhD
Department of Psychology, Science and Technology Center, Rider University
Psychiatrist John Suler offers some valuable insights into the way people interact and behave differently in cyberspace, than they do in face-to-face interaction. These are very strategic in relation to online evangelism and discipleship. Read online or download here
How Adults Become Christians
Dave Bennett
Bridge Builders
Bennett conducted this study by interviewing a range of lasting adult convert regarding the factors that had brought them to faith. We should take these conclusions into account for any type of evangelism. Bridge Builders was formerly known as Pocket Testament League. Download as Word file
Reaching the Community with Church Websites
Ceri Longville
College dissertation
95-page e-book is a valuable insight into the potential for making church sites truly ‘outsider friendly’. Download PDF
Effective Church Websites for Emerging Generations
Frank Johnson
Digital media strategist
Significant 13-page booklet explains the principles of using church websites to reach outsiders. Book review Download PDF
70+ Tips for Effective Church Sites
Internet Evangelism Day
Our church website advice webpage is set up to print out as a 9-page article.

Our church website self-assessment questionnaire enables you to assess your website and highlight areas for modification and provides a free customized report with suggestions.

Tips article


Facing the Challenge
Study course on relating to culture
These seven acclaimed group-study courses are available as free downloads. Although intended for group study and discussion, you can also use them for personal study. Course review Download
Mobile Ministry Made Easy: A Simple Guide to Begin or Advance Your Use of Mobiles

This helpful 40-page book explains the opportunities for using mobile phones for evangelism and ministry, with a particular emphasis on the opportunities in the Majority World. Download PDF
Insider’s Guide to Mobile
Tomi T Ahonen
Communities Dominate Brands

Comprehensive overview of mobile telecoms and smartphones business opportunity, from end-users to service and apps, to handsets, to the business of mobile. This free edition has 340 pages of original content, plus over 100 pages of excerpts and reviews of Ahonen’s previous books.

Since mobile phones are a major opportunity for evangelism and discipleship, this book is a useful introduction to understanding the mobile world.

Download PDF
Free articles for syndication
Rusty Wright
Rusty Wright is a web evangelist who writes ‘skeptic-friendly’ evangelistic articles which are free for syndication in print or online. Rusty’s bio View free articles
Free e-books
Josh McDowell
McDowell has great experience as an apologetics writer and speaker. Josh’s bio View free downloads
Free evangelistic/apologetic video clips
from YesHEIs, Global Short Film Network, God: New Evidence, & PowertoChange
In an increasingly visual digital communication culture, video clips are vital. We can use them in various ways: posted onto Facebook, embedded in blogs, downloaded into mobile phones, or projected in a group setting.

Global Short Film Network

God: New Evidence

Power to Change

The Mentor Center
The Mentor Center is a ready-made follow-up system offers partnerships to churches and ministries who want to reach out online, so that they can have a raedy-made confidential email response tool to help people.

In addition, volunteer e-mentors can work spare-time at home to provide mentoring support to inquirers using the Mentor Center.

The Mentor Center

CRU PRESS ebooks
CRU (formerly CCC) offer a wide range of free e-books on many areas of evangelism and discipleship. Book catalog
Mission related resources
Two short mission-related e-books from John Alley and the Impact Eternity self-study missions course, plus the book Tell It Often that explains the Engel Scale. Jesus’ return in relation to missions

Opportunities in mission for retired people

Impact Eternity study course

Tell if Often, Tell it Well (Bill Bright, Mark McKoskey)

Free writing books

The Plain English Campaign offers several free downloads (in PDF format) to explain how to write with simple clarity.

Daily Writing Tips provides the free Basic English Grammar Book as a zipped file.

Plain English Campaign

Basic English Grammar Book (zipped)

Free Bible Commentary
Dr. Bob Utley
Online and Free CD
28 languages
Dr. Utley writes, “We are a non-profit Bible study ministry dedicated to empowering people to interpret the Bible for themselves. These verse-by-verse, exegetical video, audio and printed commentaries are committed to the trustworthiness and authority of Scripture, emphasizing the intent of the original inspired authors by means of their: 1. Historical Setting, 2. Literary Context, 3. Grammatical Features, 4. Choice of Words, 5. Genre, 6. Parallel Passages.” View online, or request free CD: Free Bible Commentary
Getting online one click at a time
If you are a completely new Web user, or need help to encourage a newcomer to use computers and the Web, this BBC booklet starts at the very beginning and explains everything in everyday language. Although a PDF file, it cannot be saved – you have to use it while online.

Other related BBC pages for newcomers.

View online
More free e-books, drama scripts and evangelism-challenge music We link to a number of other free e-books in our book review page. In each book category, there is at least one free book, sometimes more: eg. humor | writing and technical | Facebook marketing.

See also the free evangelism-challenge drama scripts and MP3 music.

Book page

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