“How we did our Internet Evangelism Day program”

Churches and other groups share the different ways they created an IE Day program using our downloadable resources:

 Drama graphic “It was a real eye-opener for many. We used the drama skit One Billion Squares. While being somewhat humorous, it made a good point. During the fellowship time after the service, we had a computer set up showing example evangelistic sites. We also included a long list of websites in the bulletin. Thanks for all the good resource material.”
– Hazelwood Christian Church (Muncie, IN, USA)

5-minute video clip showing this drama adapted and performed as part of an IE Day program by Hazelwood Christian Church (Muncie, IN, USA)
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“We held a specific Internet Evangelism Day service last night at our ‘Cafe Church’-style evening. I used the initial presentation to talk about the Internet, and some evangelism strategies, and asked people to come up with ideas for potential outreach sites on the web. It was really encouraging to see a lot of inventive and creative ideas! We are working on re-developing our website at the moment, so hopefully will have a dual church/outreach focus in what we do. We also used the opportunity for one of our members to give a talk on the media, its influence in society, and particularly pornography and the Internet, which is one of the biggest challenges facing Christian men in today’s society. So overall, the evening went really well, opened some new avenues of thought, and challenged our members on their attitudes towards holiness and godly living.”
– Andover Baptist Church (Andover, UK)

“We have been training a team of people as ‘internet evangelists’ over the last few months using the Online Training for Online Evangelists course develop by the Internet Evangelism Coalition. So, our IE Day took the form of time in the service to ‘graduate’ and commission our newly trained evangelists, and to speak about internet evangelism. We find it really takes time and energy to raise awareness, dispel the fears that people have about the Internet and to step out evangelistically. They were very positive however to our presentation.”
– Woodvale Pentecostal Church (Ottawa, Canada)

“We held an IE Day to redeem our time on the Internet and allow the average modern-day pew sitter to see their opportunities for evangelism. In our After-Church Fellowship we presented 19 of the PowerPoint slides, copied onto OHP acetates, with a time for discussion and questions. People were challenged and inspired! As a result, we will review our church website, add evangelistic signature blocks to emails, and learn how to use Bulletin Boards and Chat Rooms for evangelism. We will be having another meeting to delve further into the opportunities the web presents to us”
– Dorking Baptist Chapel (Dorking, UK)

Finan Cyber OnLine based in Paraguay held a one-day internet evangelism conference in August which also encouraged churches to use IE Day focus material.

“Our priest agreed to incorporate evangelism into his sermon, the music for the service were chosen with evangelism in mind, our teen-agers did a skit from your website called ‘Getting it Done’. It was publicized in our weekly e-newsletter. One home-group was inspired to create a video for the church website – we’ve never had video on our website and didn’t know if our server would be robust enough to handle it (it is). They are still working on it and hope to have it completed within a couple of weeks. We are inspired to add more pages to our existing church site and give it a fresh look and make it more ‘unchurched-friendly’. As a church plant, we’re very keen on better and different ways to evangelize.”
– St. Barnabas the Apostle Episcopal Mission Church (N. Fort Worth, Texas, USA)

“We decided to hold an IE Day because the web is a valuable tool for evangelism, especially targeting Gen-x and younger people. We have a 15-minute time slot before our traditional service starts, when we rotate different media (e.g. contemporary song services, videos, special music, special speakers, etc), so this was the perfect spot for the IE Day PowerPoint presentation. We had great success with the Flash version, and all of the slides were very professional and well received. Some of the older crowd was bored, but I got many positive responses and questions about how to proceed from here. I would have loved to have an hour presentation, but time just didn't allow it.”
– Cohansey Baptist Church (Bridgeton, NJ, USA)

“We held a midweek evening presentation of 90 minutes, directed to local churches. The aim to show how to best use the Web for church websites (not so many UK churches have websites) and to raise Christian knowledge about the Internet as a great medium to use. There is a mission team ‘walk south Devon‘ coming here later in the year which will focus on two weeks on outreach in this area, so we thought it would great to encourage as many churches as possible to start a website. I customized the IE Day PowerPoint presentation into 28 slides, and embedded several of the short video clips from the video download page: ‘Answer His Call’, ‘Waiting’ and ‘The Station’ – this last was particularly effective.

I also spoke briefly about these aims our during our Sunday service – we distributed handouts of all the three women who had found Jesus online, plus another handout detailing what the Day is about listing some great websites to check out (some from the IE Day site, others included my favourite Christian ones), Also made up a floppy disc with all the links mentioned and two e-books downloaded from the IE Day site, which were given away to attendees, so there was no need for them to take notes.

We had very good feedback and it was a great way to visually show Biblical truths. Some want to set up sites of their own. We also aim to put some more people stories on our church site.”
– Bethel Community Church (Dawlish, UK)

“The IE Day presentation went over very well in our church. I took the existing Powerpoint presentation and modified it to fit my church a little better. I cut it down to a 10-minute presentation that focused mainly on how anyone can get involved in reaching out to the internet community, and added some topics to your presentation like blogging, forums, and podcasts. I also added a section on using our Celebration! Church website as an evangelism tool, as some of our members have already had great success with it.”
– Celebration! Church (Ottawa, Canada)

“We were studying the ‘support spiritual gifts’ on IE Day; so during children’s time, the Webservant was introduced in the children’s talk, as having those gifts. She asked the children to form a long line up the aisle and then asked the child at the end of the long line to share ‘Jesus loves you’ with the other kids without shouting. Then she passed a coaxial cable up the line, connecting the children, and explained how one person with Internet access could share Jesus with multiple people in various locations at the same time because they were all ‘connected’. When the children had regrouped for prayer, she read the front and inside of this card and then described how the kids could use the Christian websites listed on the back to share the love of Jesus with their friends at school by simply inviting them to play the cool games at those sites. Everyone was encouraged to take extra cards, each with a balloon inside, to share with their friends.”
– New Life Christian Ministries (Butler, PA, USA)

“We decided to hold an IE Day because I felt our website was getting stale and in real need of a rejuvenation. Having read through your resources on Online Evangelism, I also got to realise we hadn’t utilised our website at all! Our IE Day coincided with the first anniversary of our site so we had kind of a party during the Presentation. We begun with a free style fellowship with brethren moving around while chatting. I then ran a brief video highlighting the dinner at which we launched the site, exactly a year ago. Thereafter I ran the Presentation, beginning with the Flash animation of a mouse. I used that to get feedback on how to break through defences people put up. I then used an edited version of the PowerPoint. I wanted the end to bring a focus to our website so I included our site.

We chose Kristi’s video – simply because it took the least time to download. It also seemed like a video we could easily relate to. It was particularly captivating because it brought reality to the theory I seemed to be talking about. Honestly, members were quite moved. They kind of realised that we had invested heavily in a resource, whose potential we had not yet discovered.”
– The Invaders.org team, (Kampala, Uganda)

“We wanted to hold an IE Day to increase awareness of changing technology in our congregation. We launched our website on this day and the whole service focused on global and local evangelism, particularly on adapting the way we do evangelism to reach an appropriate audience. As a result, we want to continually try to improve our website to focus outwards not inwards. Your site made something that would have prohibitive for us to design ourselves easily accessible and adaptable.”
– Ingle Farm Community Church (Adelaide, Australia)

“We had a five-minute slot in both the morning and evening services. In the morning service we showed an edited version of the IE Day PowerPoint and in the evening we showed the video of Kristi. Some people were amazed at the growth of the Internet; others who were older could not quite grasp the relevance of Internet Evangelism. We particularly wanted the congregation to be more informed in their individual prayer times.”
– Portobello Baptist Church (Edinburgh, Scotland)

IE Day was marked in Nigeria with series of activities including a workshop, seminar and issuance of a statement by the National President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor. On Saturday, April 23, a workshop for Effective Soul Winning and Intentional Disciple Making was hosted by the Technological Empowerment Ministry, Lagos. The workshop with the theme Gospel Dynamics featured a paper on The Case for Internet Evangelism in Nigeria by Lekan Otufodunrin of Journalists for Christ and Bola Adewara, a web designer who spoke on the requirement for effective use of the Internet. The Media and Publicity group of Winners Chapel, Lagos held a lecture on Using Internet for Evangelism on Sunday, April 24 while PTL News, a Christian newspaper also hosted another seminar on Internet Evangelism on Wednesday, April 27 in Lagos. The various sessions was an eye opener for participants most of who said they never realized the potential of the Internet for evangelism. In my presentation at all the events, I used the story on the IED website titled Just Browsing – How Patricia found Jesus on the Internet to illustrate a practical example of how the Internet can be an evangelistic tool. I usually end my presentation with a profound statement by the Late Pope John Paul 11 on the need to use the Internet for evangelism ‘;The Internet caused billions of images to appear on millions of computer monitor around the planet. From this galaxy of sight and sound will the face of Christ emerge and the voice of Christ heard. This is the purpose of evangelisation. And this is what will make the Internet a genuinely human space, for if there is no room for Christ, there is no room for man.’ More programmes are planned during the year to popularize the concept of Internet Evnagelism.”
– Lekan Otufodunrin (Lagos, Nigeria) Journalists for Christ

“We are still trying to understand the effective use of the Internet in carrying out our mission as a body of Christ. This program gives us some answers and we wanted to acquaint the congregation for their edification and possible participation. The pastor let me make a presentation at the Sunday morning service. It took about 20 minutes. I used about 20 of your Power Point slides and added four more focusing on how this effort fit in with the stated mission of Dakota Ridge.

In my scripture reading on Sunday morning I was meditating on Psalm 24:10. Who is this King of Glory?, The Lord of Hosts, He is the King of Glory! I used this in my presentation showing that although we as believers know who this King of Glory is (Jesus), there are many in our community and world who still ask ‘Who is this King of Glory?’ Hopefully we can reach many of them through the effective use of the Internet.

I got several favorable comments on the presentation. The pastor encouraged members to consider how they might participate. Two members submitted cards indicating their willingness. Those who did offer will need some training. I think we need some kind of follow-up. Otherwise the interest will decrease as other needs are identified.

We are going to review our present website in light of the things we have learned from you. We are also going to explore possible ‘Bridge’ websites. Thank you for undertaking this effort. It has been a blessing.to us and it’s exciting to see how we can further carry out the Great Commission by using this new technology: how we can help the unchurched know: Who is this King of Glory?”
– Dakota Ridge Assembly (Littleton, Colorado, USA)

“We had our IE Day last Sunday May 29 coinciding with our Youth Sunday. First, I had presented the overview slides in one of our youth Friday meetings so the youth and church leaders knew what it is all about. Our Pastor agreed to the idea that we do it one Youth Sunday. We picked one drama skit (Bandania) and volunteers came forward. It was a worship service setting with the youth group leading the worship songs. Then followed the drama skit which I thought was excellently done considering our youth is new to presenting skits to the congregation. Following the skit came a message from our Pastor regarding the importance of spreading the good news to everyone. I want to thank you for the free resources you have provided through your website. This is a huge help for small churches such as ours.”
– Evangel Baptist Church (Sacramento, CA, USA)