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Sheldon Kotyk

Why internet ministry? – a techie’s perspective

Sheldon Kotyk is a designer and programmer, leading the technical team of TruthMedia.com based in Vancouver. After graduating in Sports Ministry from Briercrest Bible college, he joined Campus Crusade’s Athletes in Action ministry. But while at the college, he built a website for college event Youth Quake, sparking an interest which led to his ministry today.

When I think of my responsibility as a techie in the Body of Christ, I think of the arm’s triceps muscle. My job is to ‘extend the arm’.

I work for the TruthMedia Internet Group, leading the designer and programmer team out of our headquarters just outside of Vancouver, Canada. I started building corporate sites in 1998 for Campus Crusade for Christ, Canada and helped start up the TruthMedia ministry in 2001 as a programmer.

Every time I check my email, I receive reports of lives being changed. While I sleep, the code that I worked on is extending the reach of the body of Christ into another home on the other side of the Earth.

My desire is to streamline the technical aspects of online ministry to the point where we can respond to a specific need in a matter of minutes. People are actively searching, especially in times of trouble, and they are turning to Google to help them find peace and hope.

The events of 9/11, the Tsunamis in Asia, and The Passion of the Christ movie are all opportunities where the Body of Christ can take advantage of an openness that isn’t always there in the Western nations. It is up to me to use the skills that God has given me in the call that he has placed on my life.

By fixing a link on TheLife.com or tweaking the CSS on WomenTodayMagazine.com, I can be a part of helping someone come to Christ in England. By posting a testimony video on ChristianWomenToday.com I can be involved in discipleship of a girl a block away.

God has commissioned us to be salt and light. I want to be a part of bringing light onto the Internet.

TruthMedia [www.truthmedia.com] – Campus Crusade’s web outreach team based in Canada
Sheldon’s biography [kotyk.com] – background and family news
Women Today Magazine [www.womentodaymagazine.com] – outreach site to women
Christian Women Today [www.christianwomentoday.com] – discipleship magazine for Christian women
Case study [www.web-evangelism.com/case-study.php] – a comparison of the targeting and strategies of these two women’s sites

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