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Bill & Wilma Watson

Your Destiny Your Choice outreach site

Bill and Wilma live on the Gold Coast, Australia, and are directors of Prayer Australia. They received the vision to create a cartoon-style presentation of the gospel: Your Destiny Your Choice.

Known as the ‘Internet Granny’, this mother of four and grandmother knew nothing about the Internet 18 months ago. She drew upon the expertise of her daughters on the Gold Coast, Australia (one of whom is now living in Canada) and the support of her daughter in America and son in Hong Kong.

Wilma Watson is the producer of the unique website Your Destiny Your Choice. For 38 years, along with her husband Bill, she has been ‘equipping the saints’ for ministry. They trained and motivated evangelists in Ethiopia with SIM International during 15 years as missionaries, and now as Directors of Prayer Australia, they train Christians how to pray effectively for their unsaved friends and family.

Wilma recalls, “God gave Bill and myself a promise from the Bible: ‘you will be a light to the nations, revealing truth to the nations’. Facing our twilight years, we had no idea what God had in mind! I was nursing at the time, but the emotional pain of seeing people die without being sure of their final destiny became so overwhelming I resigned from nursing to produce the video Your Destiny Your Choice. I had never done anything like this before, but I was driven by the desire to tell people the good news before it was too late. Two years later that drive is as strong, especially after seeing so many die in the Tsunami.”

Wilma goes on to say, “I then saw a need for a book in simple English for new Christians, Spirituality Made Simple. This has now also been produced in Chinese. It helps new Christians understand what prevents them enjoying the good things God has for them. Bill and I were looking for ways to inform the churches about the video and book, and someone suggested putting them on the Internet. We realised this was God’s plan to enable us to ‘reveal truth to the nations’. I had worked with a Christian cartoonist to do the book, so I decided to continue to use the cartoons on a seeker-friendly website. Cartoons are a language everyone can understand and enjoy, breaking down language and cultural barriers. A cartoon gospel presentation has now been produced in English, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.”

Christian Strajnic is in the process of having the cartoon gospel presentation translated into Serbian. He writes, “In Serbia there are very few Christian websites; none as far as I know have anything for seekers. I made a website for a local church and it didn’t take long before some students in the university found the site and asked questions. It was really then that I realized the need for such a site.”

Working with churches

This year Bill and Wilma want to make available to churches the cartoon gospel presentation and video to help churches reach out to their local area through the Internet. They believe that combining friendship evangelism with the Internet is the way for the Church to go in the future. By making available a seeker-friendly page on a church’s website with a gospel presentation, non-Christians can be directed by their friends to this special church web page. The seeker is then able to view the gospel presentation in their own time, with no pressure.

Bill says, “If Christians were to pray for their unsaved friends and then SMS them the church’s web address or email a link connecting them to their gospel presentation, churches would experience new life.”

Businessmen and women can place business-size cards promoting the church’s web address on their reception desks for people to take, or if everyone in the church had a card in their wallet or purse, God would open opportunities for them to give the card to someone in need, directing them to the church’s gospel presentation. Free artwork for cards is online and can be supplied to churches upon request. Your Destiny Your Choice has had many saved and returned to the Lord through the emails, cards and daily radio announcements. A university student writes, after hearing of the website on the radio, “Through all your links and presentations, I don’t know how anyone could think that we are all scientific mistakes. Thank-you.”

When a church chooses to use the Your Destiny Your Choice cartoon gospel presentation and/or video on their website, people enter via the church's seeker-friendly web page. Having gone through YDYC gospel presentation and filled out the response form, information is directed to the church for follow-up. Then at the end of the presentation, the seeker is directed back to the church␁s home page.

Bill and Wilma are serious about combining friendship and Internet evangelism and will encourage and work with any church that is serious about this form of evangelism also. You can email them via the YDYC site:

Your Destiny Your Choice [www.ydyc.org]

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