picture of Lee Bloch

Lee J Bloch

Founder/director, Ephesians 6:10 ministry

Lee lives in the Mid-West of USA, just outside Chicago. He founded an apologetics ministry which combines street witness with an apologetics website.

I’m Lee J. Bloch, Executive Director of Ephesians 6:10 Ministry International. I live in the Midwestern United States just outside Chicago.

E610 Ministries was birthed by God as I learned to listen to God’s still small voice within me to simply walk across the street from church and tell people who He is. I had a passion to reach locals but not limit the ministry.

Leading up to this ministry, I studied for 10 years with BSF International. Recently I began studying apologetics by God’s Grace. My apologetics teacher is an Internet apologist who got me thinking about the possibility of combining evangelism with the Internet and how powerful the two would be.

Each week, by God’s Grace, across the country E610 teams hit the street and speak with people about Jesus. We are also creating a documentary to train Christians and offer to God’s lost other worldviews. God has provided a prayer team of more than 100 partners in four countries that pray using a weekly update for the lost and for the ministry.

The website is a part-time ministry but is of primary importance to the work that takes place the rest of the week teaching Christians and reaching out to God’s Lost. We have seen lives changed, with professions of Faith in Christ and by the Christians that are empowered to take part with the Creator of the Universe. Everyone involved has grown, and increased their knowledge. The website has been the anchor and spearhead for our ministry to grow and reach out. Many times we would have been evicted had we been passing out tracts but with only the website on our lips, which provides a way for us to continue communicating, we are often left alone!

Ephesians 6:10 Ministry [www.e610.com]

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