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Karen Schenk

Director, TruthMedia.com

Karen Schenk is the Director of TruthMedia Internet Group, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ Canada. TruthMedia strategically builds online communities of evangelism and discipleship and currently runs 22 websites in 12 languages. Karen’s main areas of responsibility include managing the editorial and interactive teams and overseeing a corps of over 400 volunteers.

I have the unique opportunity of remotely managing a significant staff and volunteer team of over 400 people that spans the globe. I do this from my home in Alberta, Canada. My husband and I have been on Campus Crusade for Christ staff for 14 years. In 1999, I was at home with small children and desperately desired to do something of significance that worked with my family situation.

I contacted WomenTodayMagazine.com to see if they could use my writing skills. I was startled when the offer came for me to begin a chat ministry! I’d never been in a chat room and everything I had ever heard about chat was either bad or boring. A colleague and friend of mine had been asked to help me with this project. We got together and discussed what a chat ministry could possibly look like. We decided that the moderated chat sessions would require two things. They would need to be evangelistic and of significant value. With a plan in mind, we began.

As the weeks went by, we did not allow the near-empty room to discourage us. We discovered that though we had small turn-outs, hundreds of people were reading the posted transcripts. With that knowledge, we wrote as many meaningful chats as possible to share the message of hope. Today, posting transcripts is no longer necessary as thousands of people come to these chat rooms and attend the many small groups. Many are led to faith in Christ.

In January 2002, I was asked to take on the role of Director of Women Today Online. God had been shaping me exactly for this role by giving me leadership, design and journalistic abilities. He also gave me an interest in technology and a deep love for the Lord. I’m passionate about seeing God do extra-ordinary things through ordinary people. I am currently serving as the Managing Director of TruthMedia Internet Group and oversee its network of 22 websites in 12 languages. I get to see God do amazing things every day!

Changed life story

One of my favorite changed life stories was when I had the opportunity to lead a woman to the Lord and then to discover that she only lived a mile from my home. Since that time four years ago, her husband and two children have come to know the Lord and are now serving in our local church. Another encouraging story was about a gentleman who wrote us on a Saturday morning saying he had planned that weekend to take his life as he was a terrible husband and father. I emailed him that Saturday morning and asked him to wait until we could get him some help. We then had one of our online counsellors speak with him and help him through some very difficult months. He recently emailed our site (two years later) to let us know that he is walking with the Lord and doing very well.

It’s an incredible privilege to participate in a ministry that reaches thousands for Christ. It’s exciting to see people volunteer and have significant ministry impact from their homes and businesses in their areas of interest and in conjunction with their schedules. The Internet is a great place to minister!

Women Today Magazine [www.womentodaymagazine.com] – online outreach to women
TruthMedia.com [www.truthmedia.com] – Canada-based web evangelism team
Karen’s story [www.christianwomentoday.com/closet/kschenkanorexia.html] – finding Jesus, escaping anorexia

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