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Counsellor supervisor, TopChrétien

Nathalie superivises the online mentoring for Top Chrétien’s outreach websites, based in Paris.

While I was living in Paris, my heart burned for people around the world living their lives without knowing Jesus. As I was reading stories of missionaries, I felt called to become a missionary myself. One day, after an evening service, the soft and loving voice of the Lord whispered to me through the voice of my pastor: “You don’t have to go abroad to be a missionary because all the nations are in Paris.”

Eight years after that evening service, I could not imagine how real this word would become in my life. I am now involved in Internet Evangelism and work in full-time ministry. Through the Internet, I have been able to see thousands of decisions for Jesus every minute from all over the world.

Our internet evangelism tool is Knowing God. [www.topc.com/joy-in-heaven/] It exists in seven languages. Our vision is to develop the website into 28 languages over the next six years, in order to reach 250 million visitors by the year 2020.

My responsibility on the team is to supervise the one hundred and three counsellors in France, who follow up on those needing help or asking questions about faith and God.

I encourage and serve these faithful men and women who give a large part of their time to counselling. I even follow up on enquirers myself. Up to now, I have mainly been involved in one-to-one contact. Even though I am not very skilled on the computer, that is to say not so technically talented, I enjoy sharing online or reading many encouraging testimonies. I say, “It’s worth it Lord to stay in France and see one life at a time touched and changed.”

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