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Outreach in Spain

Yván is a Venezuelan, and works in Spain among young people, combining street and school ministry with internet evangelism and also evangelistic CD distribution.

I graduated from college as a civil engineer, I never thought I was going to be building websites to build other people’s lives. This is what the Lord has directed me to do, and I am so grateful because I enjoy it so much!

Being part of Agapé Spain (as Campus Crusade for Christ Intenational is known in Europe) and working with teenagers and young people, you soon come to realize the need of developing an internet evangelism strategy, if you really want to reach out for today’s youth. This is why, 6-7 years ago, as a Church Youth Leader in Caracas, Venezuela, I started to dream about how the Internet could be used to impact the life of the inter-nauts. At that time, there was nothing in Spanish actually doing online evangelism. There were a few Christian websites, offering a service for a Christian audience. And this is how my wife, our friend Enrique and I started a portal called EntreCristianos.com (which means ‘AmongChristians.com’). Even though it was also addressed to a Christian Spanish-speaking audience, we used this as a platform to launch evangelistic strategies and to know more about what others were doing.

A couple of years later, my wife and I found ourselves on our way to Spain, to work among teenagers. Even though most of our work is done on the streets and in schools, we have never underestimated the power of the Internet to reach out to them. I do believe that if a church, Christian group or organization wants to be effective in reaching out to today’s young population, the Internet has to play a key role in their ministry plan.

In Spain we have launched a strategy called The System www.ElSistema.net that integrates the Internet and media. The System is a futuristic interactive story where a group of hackers in their teens takes a virtual trip throughout history, searching for some sense and purpose for their culture and their lives. What they are looking for is the “0 file” (33 AD), only available connecting to the elsistema.net site. We distribute audio CDs in schools which co-ordinate with the website and promote it.

Agapé Europe has formed a task force in partnership with Global Media Outreach (another part of CCCI) to create a continental strategy for internet evangelism. As a member of this group, we believe the Lord has given us the reponsibility, not only to proclaim the Message online, but to show others the importance of considering the Internet as part of their global evangelistic strategies.

Is effectiveness what we are looking for when sharing the Good News? Then we should not omit the use of Internet and new technologies in our evangelistic master plan.

“I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.” – John 4:35

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