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Writer and webmaster

Babak produces a Farsi-language site reaching Iranians, and lives in UK.

One of the challenges which I have tried to respond to in my personal life: how I can help needy people and take their hands without pushing my belief on them? How can I be a friend and listen to people without embarrassing them or pointing my finger at them. For some time I went out and talked to blind people and beggars and invited them to our house to eat with us. Although it can be difficult, there is a place for being willing to listen and take the hand of needy people in this way.

A long time after that, I felt strongly that God wanted me to share His living hope not just with one or two or even a group of people but with a nation. A nation that went through a lot of suffering and today are one of the most open people toward the Gospel. A nation which God promised to bless and place his throne there (Jeremiah 49:38). Iran – the land of Persia – is the nation that God called me to serve and talk to.

Our journey started with radio programming and moved to Internet because of the potential and accessibility to the Web which we do not have with radio. Although I did not know anything about how to use Internet, step by step I learned. Our work developed beyond our expectation and now reaches to many Iranian or Persian speakers. Our website Capture the Future [www.capturethefuture.org.uk] has visitors come from more than 40 countries who share their concerns, issues and problems which they face on a daily basis.

This is a full-time job for me, and I see the potential of the ministry to become bigger, even with the potential for TV production. Our aim is to talk about problems of life and how we can face them on a practical level but with a Christian perspective. We do not talk about religion and what they should do, but share our experiences. An examples of this: an educated man in Iran asked through our website to be helped and learn more about Christianity. So we sent someone to help him and spend time with him. He was so pleased to find that his life seemed so important that someone would be willing to come from far away to spend time with him.

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