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Rob Williams

Internet Effectiveness Specialist

Rob ministers with Campus Crusade for Christ helping various CCCI ministries to be more effective in their overall web strategies.

As I minister with Campus Crusade for Christ in Orlando, Florida my goal is to equip our ministries with vision, tools, and an understanding of what effective web ministry looks like.

My involvement with internet evangelism and internet ministry has been unfolding and evolving over the past decade.

I began ministering to people online back in the mid-90s in AOL chatrooms. In 1998, while doing campus ministry, I remember a specific time when I was sharing the gospel with a freshman in his dorm. As we were sitting behind his computer talking, he was receiving instant messages from a friend down the hall. I thought, “This internet thing could really be our foot in the door with ministering to students.” God used that experience to give me a vision for using the Internet for ministry.

In 1999, I began with simple web design for Campus Crusade for Christ. During this time I began to see the need to resource ministries with this fantastic tool of the Internet so they could be more effective in their overall ministry. In 2002 I began focusing on marketing our websites because I realized that we could build great functioning and great looking sites but they would be useless if no one knew the sites existed!

I am excited that God has called me to be involved with internet evangelism and resourcing others in how to do so.

OrangeJack [www.orangejack.com] – Rob’s personal website
Global Technology Office [technology.ccci.org] – Rob’s CCCI ministry department

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