Saul to Paul, Updated

Characters: Paul, Christian, Ananias, Jewish people variable number


(PAUL standing off to one side. During Paul's speech, J2 enters the cafe and waits for a friend to show up. A sign reads 'Special today: Arabian chai latte')

Paul: (addressing audience) Hi, I'm Paul. Was Saul. I needed a new name after what happened to me. Here's the story.... I was a Jew. Not just any Jew – a Jew's Jew. I loved God – I thought. So when these Christians came along, with their whacky idea about their leader being the Son of God – I said, No way! I made it my mission to stamp them out! God must have been laughing. 'Cos I have a mission now, all right – just not the one I started out with!

(J1 enters pub, carrying laptop)

J1: Hiya, what's going on?

J2: Not a lot, how about you?

J1: I've been really busy lately. Helping out Saul.

J2: Yeh? What with?

J1: You know, his 'Stamp out Christians' campaign. Look, here's the website (opens laptop) – he's got emails posted from all the synagogue leaders in the area, saying they'll back him up.

J2: What's he trying to do?

J1: He wants every Christian we can find, handcuffed and shipped off to Jerusalem. Look, you get points for each one you capture. You might win an iphone!

J2: Sounds cool, can I help?

J1: Sure, let's sign you up. (enters details in laptop)

(Christian walks in, reading Bible.)

J2: Hey – look, is that one of them?

(J1 nods – they sneak over and grab him.)

J1: You're nicked, mate!

(They drag him off.)

Christian: Hey, I was only reading my Bible! It's a free country, isn't it?

J1 and J2: No!

(They exit)


PAUL: (shakes his head and sighs) The trouble I stirred up! (He moves onstage, turning the sign over to read 'Damascus – 2 miles'. Paul is now part of action, not narrating. Other Jews join him.)

J2: Those scum-bag Christians! Just when you think you've got them all, more pop up!

J3: They're spreading everywhere! But they won't escape our arrest techniques.

J1: If a few happen to die along the way –

ALL: Too bad!

(Bright light – Paul is blinded.)

Paul: I can't see!

J3: What's going on?

J1: It's like the sun just got a million times brighter!

(J3's mobile rings. J3 answers.)

J3: Hello? Uh, okay. (Puts phone in Paul's hand) He wants a word with you.

PAUL: (to J3) Who? (speaks into phone) Hello? Who is this? Oh! The Lord? You mean....Jesus? So you really are.... whoa. I didn't know. None of my Facebook friends ever told me the truth about you!.... Right. Okay. (hands phone back to J3)

J3: You wha'? Who? Where? Sure, yessir. Okay. (clicks off, then turns on phone SatNav.) We're taking you into a house in Damascus – just a sec, let me find it on the SatNav – got it.

PAUL: What's going to happen?

J3: No idea, but we better do this. (Takes Paul's arm)

J2: Hey, will I still get my iphone?

ON THE ROAD TO DAMASCUS – SatNav voiceover

VO: Bear left ahead. At the roundabout, take the third exit. Take the third exit. After 100 yards, you have reached your destination.

(Actors follow Sat/Nav directions, leave Paul standing on stage and exit.)


ANANIAS: (enters talking on phone) What's that? You want me to do what? Oh, no, you must be joking! Not him, Lord! He's the one trying to kill all of us! (Listens, sighs) Okay, you're the boss. (He walks over to where Paul is standing.)

PAUL: Who's there?

ANAN: It's me.

PAUL: Obviously. But who are you?

ANAN: My name's Ananias. I'm a (he moves back out of Paul's reach) Christian?

PAUL: (lunges forward, A. hops back) That's wonderful! The Lord sent you to me.

ANAN: (moving hesitantly, puts his hands on Paul's eyes) Be filled with the Holy Spirit.

PAUL: (opens his eyes) I can see! I can see!

ANAN: (to audience) It's really happened! This Christian-killer is one of us! (to Paul) Brother Paul (embraces him) – the Lord wants you to take his message throughout the world. (Ananias freezes)

PAUL: (steps forward, now narrating) So that's my story. It took me years to travel throughout the known world, telling everyone the Good News that Jesus came to save us. It would take you no time at all, with all your friends and connections. You each have a story to tell, and a world to tell it to. Post it on your blog! Tell your Facebook friends! The time is short – and the message is too good to hide! Get going!

You are free to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work, and to make derivative works for non-commercial use. If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under a licence identical to this one.

Author: Donna Vann. Download in PDF format

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