Dare to move

God can lead us into his purposes, despite our fears

This skit requires a setting that can be darkened (or performed at night), with movable spotlights. Names, genders, ages and ethnicities of performers can be chosen to match local situation and culture. The purpose of the script is to encourage stepping out into the unknown of a new outreach ministry, and that as we begin to take those steps, the light (i.e. God’s help and guidance) will go with us. However, it could easily be modified to reflect a stepping out from unbelief towards faith: in this case, the fixed spot on the actors might be a garish sickly color, and the moving spot on the one who steps out, can be a warm friendly color. The skit needs good miming skills, and should not be rushed.

Optionally, a slow sequence of appropriate Bible verses could be projected on a screen before, during, or after the sketch.

Copy/paste the script into a word-processor to edit to your own requirements.

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Time: 5 minutes
Characters: 3-8


Group of actors stand in a tight, defensive circle to stage right. A spotlight illuminates them and the circle of floor they are standing on, but everything else is in darkness.

They move around within their circle, relating together, talking or gesturing silently to each other, and occasionally looking out fearfully into the darkness.

An offstage voice calls softly from the left wings, to one of the actors: ‘Rachel’ (or any appropriate first name).

‘Rachel’ looks out of the circle towards the voice fearfully, then shakes her head, covers her ears for a few seconds, and continues in silent conversation with the rest of the group.

After a gap of some seconds, the voice speaks again, gentle and loving but a bit louder. This time, she does not cover her ears, but looks out very fearfully into the darkness, towards the voice.

Finally, the voice calls again. ‘Rachel’ begins to take a first tentative step out of the circle into the darkness. But as she does so, a second spotlight starts to move with her, illuminating the floor just in front of her. After a few seconds, as she takes a further tentative step, she shows surprise that the light is moving with her. With each slow step, she shows an increasing sense of confidence, trust and growing joy, and her fear starts to drop away.

© and author: Internet Evangelism Day, www.InternetEvangelismDay.com. Permission: this sketch may be freely performed in any setting without restriction. It may also be copied or redistributed in any form, providing that this credit line is included.

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