What is Internet Evangelism Day?

In New Testament times, the Roman Road system was strategic in God’s plan. It enabled the spread of the Gospel throughout the then-known world. In the same way, the Internet today is a worldwide network which can facilitate effective Gospel communication.

What is its purpose?

We wish to communicate the outreach potential of the Web to the worldwide church. This site has a twin-track purpose:

So we ask churches, Bible Colleges, mission agencies and other Christian organizations to consider ways to focus on digital evangelism, either on IE Day itself, or any other convenient time.

Here are 14 Ideas you can use on or near Internet Evangelism Day.

We are offering a great range of free ebooks on 29 April – plus a few are already available in advance.

Read how other churches and groups have already used this program.

How can our group take part?

We offer downloadable resources with suggestions and background material, to help your church or group create an effective IE Day focus. Our materials enable you to create a ‘mix and match, do-it-yourself’ program. It can be 5 minutes or 50; and included within a church service, after-church meeting, mid-week home-group, Bible College seminar, or any other appropriate meeting for Christians.

We urge denomination headquarters teams to consider endorsing and promoting IE Day to all their member churches, and using our partner link system which will place your name and URL on all pages of this site.

Who initiated Internet Evangelism Day?

The Internet Evangelism Coalition (IEC) – an umbrella group of evangelical Christian organizations who share a vision for online outreach – is backing the IE Day and facilitating its promotion. [Statement of faith]

The executive member organizations of IEC are:

American Tract Society
Billy Graham Center
Brown Governance
Campus Crusade for Christ
Christian Broadcasting Network
Christianity Today
Evangelism Explosion
Mission America

Other members [bgc.gospelcom.net/iec/memberlist.htm] of IEC.

In addition, a wide range of Christian leaders, evangelical ministries and denominations in many countries are supporting IE Day.

Is Internet Evangelism Day international?

Yes, churches and groups around the world are using this material, and adapting it to their local situation. That many of the video clips, websites, and web evangelists cited are in North America is merely a reflection of the majority of large web ministries being based there. We are always looking for more stories, feedback, and video clips about web evangelism, from anywhere in the world. We are also actively helping to facilitate digital evangelism in a range of languages and cultures.

IE Day is co-ordinated from an office in UK.

We welcome partner ministries to translate this material into other languages.

Is this a fund-raiser?

No! IE Day makes no appeals for funding, either directly or indirectly.

What outcomes do we hope for?

  1. On IE Day 2011, and during the entire month of May, we hope that churches and other groups will focus on the opportunities for digital evangelism, and use our ready-made resources to communicate this to their members through short focus spots in services, seminars, or print/web material.
  2. Throughout the 2018, we hope that our resource guide materials will lead to an increased understanding of the nature and potential of the Web will lead to a range of outcomes around the world.

Are there any other events during the year?

There are a growing range of conferences and seminars arranged by different ministries, which tie in closely with IE Day. These are listed on our events page. Please send us details of other events to add.

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