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Adding Digital Evangelism Issues to your Facebook Wall

If you are a fan of Internet Evangelism Day’s Facebook fan page, you will have noticed that our blog posts are syndicated to our fan page.

You can give permission for Digital Evangelism Issues postings (average: 2 or 3 a week) to appear on your Facebook Wall. This means that your friends will see them on your Wall (and possibly their News Feeds). You still have the option to delete any particular posting, just as with any other sort of posting. You can also opt for our posts to be automatically tweeted by you. You can also syndicate these posts to Facebook group and fan pages if you wish.

If you would like to syndicate a summary of each DEI blog posting onto your Wall (or tweet it), and help your friends explore issues relating to digital evangelism, it is very easy to set up. Ensure you are logged into Facebook, then:

  1. go to http://networkedblogs.com/blog/digital_evangelism_issues and click 'follow' button
  2. go to http://apps.facebook.com/blognetworks/userpage.php and grant permissions for Networked blogs to post Digital Evangelism Issues postings to your Wall. Don't be put off by the other things you permit the App to do - these are normal access permissions.
  3. go to http://w.networkedblogs.com/syndication#145786 and choose 'Digital Evangelism Issues' from the drop down-menu, then click 'add Facebook target'. If you have a fan page, you will see the option to add to this as well as your personal FB page. Click on the 'add' link next to the page you wish to add DEI postings to. Then close that option box, and you will see confirmation that this has been set up. (If you wish to also syndicate our blog posts to your Twitter stream, choose 'Add Twitter target'.)
facebook Postings from DEI will then appear on your Wall and will therefore be automatically shared with your friends, looking like the example on right.

You can stop syndicating these posts at any time by going on your Facebook page to the 'account' option top right of page, then choose:

account settings > settings > privacy > apps & websites (link at bottom of page) > then 'edit settings for Networked Blogs', then click on 'remove app'

Thank you so much, if you feel that syndicating DEI posts is appropriate to the needs and interests of many of your Facebook friends or your Twitter followers.

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