Graded program suggestions for Internet Evangelism Day

Very short, 0-2 minutes:
  1. No program, just include an item in your church announcement sheet, and/or distribute our printed single-side handout: Word format | RTF version
  2. As above, and add a verbal announcement during the course of the service, or play our 1-minute MP3 description through your PA system.
  3. As above, but also illustrate your announcement with several slides taken from our PowerPoint presentation.
5-10 minutes, any or all of:
  1. Show a 5-minute video testimony of Kristi, Kevin or Christina
  2. Play the 1-minute MP3 introduction
  3. Select 5-10 PowerPoint slides to project with spoken commentary
  4. Perform one of the drama sketches, or some other visual illustration such as children in worldwide ethnic costumes
15-30 minutes, any combination of:
  1. Video testimony
  2. Longer selection of PowerPoint slides
  3. Recorded/live music from our music page
30-60 minutes, some mixture of:
  1. One or two video testimonies
  2. Other video clips
  3. Longer selection of PowerPoint slides
  4. Drama or monologue
  5. Sermon relating to the topic
  6. Prayer, quiz or discussion time
Over 60 minutes: special meeting or seminar:
  1. Majority/all of PowerPoint slides, interspersed with video clips and discussion
  2. Discussion questions based on our suggested questions, or your own
Whatever your choice, do please encourage us by completing the voluntary no-obligation registration form, accessed via main menu.

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