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Contact cards – a great way to share faith

Contact cards (ie. invitation cards in business card format) are a good way to share your faith, and have some advantages over tracts:

Consider using a double-sided card, because this gives space to present a more information.

There are companies offering double-sided printing of cards incredibly cheaply – less than ten dollars/euros/pounds for 250 cards, such as VistaPrint which has offices in 20 countries. Check online for others. See our tips for designing cards, which apply both to Vistaprint, other online providers, or DIY production.

It is relatively easy to make your own. There are software packages specifically for creating business cards. Yvon Prehn explains how to use MS Publisher for this in the video clip on right and in her e-book. You can also use some other word-processing or desktop publishing programs. Then print them out on thin card (100-120gsm) if your printer can handle this thickness, and cut up very carefully on a guillotine. ‘Crop marks’ may help to line up the cuts. However, with online design and ordering so cheap, this may not be cost- or time-efficient.

Evangelistic sites

contact card Evangelistic sites can offer online a read-to-print contact card that Christians can use. 10 or 15 cards could be offered in full-color as a PDF file, for easy printing onto thin card. Alternatively, outreach sites can offer ready-made contact cards on their websites, to be shipped by post. To the right is an example of a printed card produced by French outreach site Connaitre Dieu. Outreach team offers a range of downloadable and printable contact cards covering a number of their outreach sites.

You can also make up your own personal address card which includes recommended URLs for outreach sites you feel are appropriate.

There may be opportunities to think outside the box. Some churches distribute beer mats with their name, URL and contact information. Here are some very creative ideas for contact cards. T-shirts and car-stickers with a prominent site URL are another way of helping Christians to do ‘viral marketing’ for an outreach site. A T-shirt can alternatively carry a mobile phone Short Code number, as a way of getting information delivered to someone’s mobile phone by text message.

Church contact cards

Churches can print contact cards in bulk for their members to use, with a link to the church website. Ideally, the church site should be very outsider friendly.

book Church & Ministry Business Cards is a highly-recommended guide to writing and printing contact cards. This is one of a range of e-books in PDF format by Yvon Prehn – others are available on church communications, Mother’s Day and Halloween outreaches, and more.

In Business Cards that Church members can give away, evangelism coach Rev Chris Walker highlights the value of contact cards for churches.

The term contact card is sometimes applied to cards that first-time church visitors can enter their address and other information. For more on this quite separate issue, see:

An appeal for tract publishers

It would be good to see more Christian literature publishers using the contact card format. A surprising amount of information can be included if the card is double-sided. 4-color printing coupled to quality graphic design can make a very exciting product at a low unit cost. The following features can be included in such a card: Of course, it would be possible to make several versions of a contact card – one for teens, one for women, one for business contacts, and so on, with different websites included. There are many other evangelistic sites that could also be used.

One Christian ministry, Vitanovis, is planning a general presentation of the Gospel, and allows Christians to post their testimonies on the site using a webpage interface. They can then use a contact card on which they write the ‘jump-code’ URL for their own testimony.

Offering CDs

Because DVDs and CDs are so cheap to copy, they are also a wonderful tool to distribute free. Small credit-card sized CDs have however fallen out of favor, as they tend to get stuck in some CD drives. Churches can distribute introductory DVDs in their neigborhood.
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