Bible College courses

Relating to web and digital communcation

“Training students in online evangelism is strategic and crucial for this new digital century. We commend Internet Evangelism Day’s resources to you.”
   – Scott Moreau, editor Evangelical Missions Quarterly / Wheaton College

seminar in progress

On this page, we plan to list all Bible College courses, modules, or distance learning help, which in any way relates to digital evangelism. We will include anything relating to these subjects as well as journalism (a vital skill for web writing) and digital video production.

Please write to us with details of courses and modules giving a direct URL to the course information.

Known college courses

Several colleges have already conducted web ministry courses:
Cyber Evangelism course is for graduate students in the Regent University School of Divinity, though it may be possible for outsiders to follow the course
• Biola – their 2009 web evangelism module conducted by Dave Bourgeois may be repeated or offered as an online course for outsiders in the future
Fuller course MP537 Internet Evangelism And Cybermissions, part of the MA in Global Leadership, is scheduled for October
Belhaven has offered a web ministry course in the past, but not currently
Biblical Seminar has offered a Ministry & Media course, which may be repeated in the future

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