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You can easily integrate our Church Site Tool content into your site by copy/pasting some code onto your page. It is particularly suitable for church-related websites, such as church directories and pastors’ resources. It will blend seamlessly into your page, and will draw additional visitors to your site. The ‘Tell-a-friend’ and news-release links allow your site visitors to tell others about it, and their recommendation messages will contain your own URL. (This content is also available to reproduce in printed publications.)

Examples of sites using this resource:
American Tract Society | ReChurch | Evangelical Alliance UK

Instructions and code

1. Easy 20-second method: hidden frame

  1. Copy/paste the code below into a text-editing program such as Wordpad, (or the text-editing mode of an HTML-editor, and save it with a name such as churchtool.html
  2. Add the final actual URL of your page as it will be when online, to the second frame link as the id for the link: so that line looks something like
    <frame name="main" src="" scrolling="auto" frameborder="no">
  3. Link to this new page from your main menu. It will be integrated into your site as your own resource
  4. You can if you wish change the coding to create your own narrow top frame to brand the page as part of your site
then copy/paste this code as explained:

2. Direct insertion into your site

Don’t be worried, these instructions are easier than they look! If you have problems, ask us for help.

This is how it will look on your site. Just copy/paste [help] the following blocks of code: one into your page head, and one into the location on your page where you wish the content to appear. After adding the code, check the source code of your page appears identical to the code in the three boxes below, because some editing or content management systems may try to convert angle brackets and quote marks into character code, or can insert line-break code within the CSS without being asked!

Add your normal page header and navigation menu, and your normal footer information at the end of the page. If you wish, include an introductory paragraph, or footnotes at the end. Link to this new page on your site in your navigation menu.

Place in page head

– below your title and any meta tags. then copy/paste this code as explained:

Place in page body

– within whatever normal content holder (div or table cell) that contains your main page content. then copy/paste:

Plus, also add at the end of your page, near the closing tag, the following code:

And that’s it! You have a new page of content. This code will draw down the latest Assessment Tool content into your page. But please read the notes below too.

Making it print nicely

Many people will want to print this questionnaire.

If you want to make your page very printer-friendly, enclose other page elements such as menu, footer etc, which need not appear when printed, within class="hide" tags. (If these items already have a class, you can add two class items together thus: class="menu hide".) This, in conjunction with our own provided print style link, will make the page print correctly for the many people who wish to keep it for reference.

Then test your page by printing it – best with a ‘print preview’ option to save paper. (If your printer interface does not offer this option, get a trial version of pdfFactory.) Only the tips should appear, without your own navigation or other page elements.

There may be other unwanted interactions between the rest of your style, and our print style sheet. If your own style in the page header, or style link, is not specified as "screen", please add media="screen"> this thus:
style within page: <style type="text/css" media="screen">
style in separate file:
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" href="URL of your CSS file">

And if when you do a printing test, the appearance of the main table goes too wide, then try this code similar to this in your page header:
<style type="text/css" media="print">
.designcontent, .designcontent1, .designtable { width:15cm; }

Important notes – please read!

3. Alternate easy methods: for framed sites and normal sites

If your site has a framed structure, you can link directly to: and this will call up the content seamlessly within your main content frame, without our own header, footer or navigation links.

For a link to the tool within a non-framed page, that does not display our header, menu etc, then make a direct link to:

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