Church websites that reach non-Christians

Help for church webmasters

Church websites are an essential part of local churches’ public profiles to their communities. Indeed, in some parts of the world, church websites draw more people into face-to-face church activities than any other method. Church sites outnumber all other types of Christian sites by a ratio of 5 to 1. Church sites could therefore be powerful outreach tools. However, research reveals a discouraging picture:

Yet there are many ways you can create or redesign and upgrade your church site to be truly welcoming to non-Christians. Ideally you would want to include these strategies when you plan your site. But you can also apply them to an existing church site and transform it into one that reaches out into the community.

Strategies for effective church sites include:

A summary of these strategies – and indeed a purpose statement for a church site: ‘to entice the lost’. See our 70+ Tips and self-assessment questionnaire which explain this approach in more detail. They are also reflected in our communication parable A Tale of Two Golf Clubs.

You don’t have to be technical!

Maybe you think that your church has no members with the time or technical webmaster gifts to create a website. Happily, there is an easy alternative. A number of groups offer ready-made church sites using a template design – i.e. a preformed standard ‘shell’. You simply add your own text to the site by typing or pasting text into easy-to-use ‘text boxes’ on a special editing web-page. Here’s an example of a church site built with one of these systems: Bethlehem Lutheran. []

Many of these template systems can create very attractive and flexible church sites. Take time to research the different systems available [] before choosing.

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