If you have a framed page

As an easy alternative to creating your own syndicated page within your frame structure, you simply link to our own page, so that it is called up within your main frame. Copy/paste the link from here:

<a href="http://www.internetevangelismday.com/churchtips-framebrownright.php" target="nameofmainframe" title=" You can use a mouseover tooltip if you wish ">Link name</a>

This code will link to the the standard style with pale brown right-margin. Alternate schemes are available – adjust the page filename as shown below (click on link to view style):
Pale brown left margin: churchtips-framebrownleft.php
Pale blue left margin: churchtips-frameblueleft.php
Pale blue right margin: churchtips-frameblueright.php
No margin, popup in main text: churchtips-framenomargin.php (ideal for a narrower page)

If you want the ‘Tell a friend’ and news release links to carry your URL, in order to bring visitors back to your site, we can arrange for this to happen – please write.