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You may feel a little uncomfortable to apply the terms ‘publicity and marketing’ to your church’s ministry. And yes, as churches we are not selling a product or even advertising a series of meetings; ultimately we are offering a relationship with God, in the context of relationships with a family of other followers of Jesus, already on the journey. However, it is hard to know what other words to use!

Just like a zoo that calls an animal ‘No name’, all churches effectively have a marketing policy, whether they call it that or not. Even if your only publicity is a street-sign listing your church services, that is still marketing. And of course, marketing is not a substitute for biblical ministry, caring for the outsider, and serving the community. It is an add-on, but a strategic and valuable one.

A church website is a key component of effective integrated church marketing. Our self-assessment tool enables you to build a site that achieves high search engine ranking and can be an effective publicity window to outsiders in your community.

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