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Recommended blogs on web evangelism and communication strategy

Plus email newsletters too

There are many Christian blogs that provide insight into effective communication, evangelism and wider ministry issues. We have listed many of them in the ‘blogroll’ in the right-hand column of our own blog, Digital Evangelism Issues. Take time to explore those that address issues that interest you.

To learn how to use blogs for outreach, go here.

Email newsletters

The web offers an incredible range of free email newsletters. We recommend a few here:

Newsletter Description
Outreach & Evangelism Valuable news and ideas on everything related to evangelism.
Web Evangelism Bulletin Monthly news, ideas, and strategies for online evangelism.
Christianity Today newsletters A selection of newsletters on various topics, with some of the best Christian journalism and breadth of coverage that you will get anywhere.
Christianity UK’s leading Christian print monthly, also available to read online.
Christian Computing Magazine Applying tomorrow’s technology to today’s ministry. Monthly news by email, with full content online in PDF format.
Church Health Today Bi-weekly e-mail newsletter to keeps pastors up to date on church health and leadership issues, including research, and tips from the top church consultants.
Barna Group Vital research studies relating to the church (in USA but valuable implications for rest of world).
Pew Internet Studies on Internet usage (in USA but valuable implications for rest of world).
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