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Kelsey is a mother of four living in West Texas. She writes with compelling humor of life as a wife and mom in her Holy Mama! [http://holymama.typepad.com] blog. She not only has a gift of writing winsomely, but knows how to communicate in a way that is accessible to non-Christians. Very few blogs achieve this: learn more. Note how even the full title of the blog is well-chosen – self-deprecating, non-threatening and humorous.

The other issue to flag up here: Kelsey is using a ready-made blog tool, and says she knows nothing about technical stuff at all!

In January our church began a year-long focus on evangelism. I was nervous. “I’m not the type,” my soul whined. “I can’t do that, and everyone else is better at sharing Christ. I’m so shy that I’ll just pray people into the kingdom!” Also in January, I started a blog. It was a spur of the moment decision, requiring no money, no real technical know-how, and no commitment. So I did it. I didn’t realize that this experiment had anything to do with our church’s commitment to reach the world for Christ.

I’m just a mommy blog. One of a bazillion. I’m also an unpublished writer – an aspiring Christian novelist. One of, well, a whole lot. From a marketing standpoint, it seemed a good idea to start a blog, and if maybe one day it had miraculously attracted a substantial readership – well, that might sway a publisher into considering my manuscript.

I write from a Christian worldview, but my site isn’t one of those geared for other Christians. Christ is in me, and is a large part of my life, and so there’s plenty of ‘God stuff’ mentioned and implied in my writing – but it’s not preachy, devotional, or inspirational in nature. It’s really sort of silly, fun, and honest. It’s just life as a Christian mom.

At the top of my website are the words, “True confessions from the everyday life of a sorta shallow Christian mom.” And that’s all it is. ‘Sorta shallow’ meaning: I know very well what, and Who, is important in this life, but I don’t mind admitting that I like the things that don’t matter, also. Like shoes and chocolate. Women relate to that!

If I had to guess, I’d say half of my readers are of little or no faith, or of a faith that is distinctly different than my own. And I like that! Recently there was an unfortunate conflict among Christian and Mormon bloggers, with a few Christian bloggers saying that as Christians we should not associate with Mormon bloggers at all. We shouldn’t read them, link to them, or acknowledge them, lest we lead a young believer astray. Oh, please! You can’t be the ‘salt of the earth’ if you won’t leave the rest of the little salt grains that are just like you and get out of the shaker, already!

I’m referring to Matthew 5:13 there, which also cautions against losing one’s ‘saltiness’. Sure, that’s a risk if you’re out in the world. But one worth taking, in order to win others into the Kingdom. I receive the occasional comment or email similar to: “I can’t believe this is a Christian site. I like you!” Great! I can relate to non-believers, and still be recognized as the salty gal I am. A surprise that came with this blog was how quickly it turned evangelistic. Or, covertly evangelistic, rather, since the blog itself hasn’t changed at all. What has changed, is how people respond to it. It’s a small, new blog, without a lot of traffic. And yet, people are finding it, reading it, and deciding they ‘know me’ well enough to start an email conversation about salvation. I’m astounded at the honor that is!

I’m the shy girl who tried to look all happy and holy on the outside when our church announced a new commitment to evangelism – but who just really wanted to run the other way rather than learn to share the gospel! I repented of those feelings, asked God to change my heart and find a way to use me. He has, and just eight weeks later, He’s using my writing, and even my silliness, to further His Kingdom.

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