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CDs, DVDs and video

The potential for evangelism

Almost every computer now has a DVD player. There are relatively few groups using CDs or DVDs for evangelism, yet increasingly, Christian organizations are offering free multimedia CDs explaining their ministries to potential supporters. (Er, supporters = necessary incoming money. Evangelism = outgoing often unavailable money.)


CDs and DVDs become so cheap when produced in bulk that the direct price of production is no more than a small printed booklet. They have some big advantages compared with evangelistic websites (and literature): Distribution of CDs and DVDs is particarly strategic in non-western countries where web access may be relatively slow, and where poverty may make a free CD or DVD film story very welcome.

Strategies and suggestions

It is time-consuming and expensive to design and write an evangelistic CD. But the potential is so great that large organizations with the resources to do it should consider this option, and perhaps be prepared to distribute thousands free. It is easy to incorporate existing evangelistic websites onto CD. It would be easy to offer a range of the best evangelistic sites, navigable from an entry page.

Such a CD might be made more attractive to non-Christians by incorporating some genuinely useful secular material: language-learning, some other type of tutorial or free software. Of course, evangelistic material on CD should be designed the same way as evangelistic sites and literature: no Christian jargon, no preachiness, sensitive presentation, assumption of zero Christian knowledge and background, and identification with readers’ needs and viewpoints.

It would be wonderful to see such compilation CDs distributed in thousands on secular magazine covers and available to give away in evangelistic campaigns, traveling outreach ministries and in other types of overseas outreach.

Available CDs

Here are examples of evangelistic CDs – please send details of others.

Evangelistic video

  • Mission Resources maintains a list of evangelistic videos. DVDs (and videos) in a range of languages are also available from
  • Video formats vary – this lookup site lists which types are used in different countries round the world.

    Games on CD and the Internet

    Computer games on CD or DVD are a very powerful medium, and are played by millions. There is considerable potential for using games to communicate elements of the Christian faith.
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