Reaching business people

A major outreach ministry offers a range of sites which present the Gospel to young businss people in a graded and seeker-sensitive way. Their starting point is the need to find true success. They have kindly explained this strategy for us. God is using these imaginitive approaches, which demonstrates the wisdom of this strategy.

Integrated Internet Strategies

Priority Associates has developed an integrated approach to ministry using a series of websites, email services, downloadable documents, virtual mentoring, printed resources, local ministry outreaches, personal contact, and city involvement.

Their series of sites are designed to minister to individuals on a spiritual growth continuum starting with professionals that are at the first steps of the seeking process to those who are now being deployed effectively into marketplace ministry and leadership. This is an overview of the sites and how they inter-relate.


Ipriority is a safe site for business professionals who are just beginning the seeking process, void of religious jargon and Christian words, yet it is very real in explaining how true success means being integrated personally, professionally and spiritually.

The user experiences credible professionals talking about work, career, success, stress, relationships, faith and much more. This input includes quick-read articles, interviews, leadership talks, leadership quotes, streaming video, personal assessments, virtual mentoring and more. All features of these sites are designed to point the user toward True Success - having God in their life.

One special feature, includes iMentor, a weekly email mentoring service on 7 Key Areas of Professional Growth that helps cultivate a biblical world view without sounding religious. There is also a Christian version of iMentor called Mentor-Leader.

Additionally, there are many opportunities to get PDF downloads and request more information from this site. Users can also submit questions to virtual mentors or through the city events pages, and find out what local events might be available in their area that they can get involved in. The site is promoted in advertising, magazines, literature distribution, at events, through business cards and word of mouth.


Success Factors is the second site in this strategy. At this site the Gospel is more clearly presented, still with a marketplace relevance. Users at IPriority actually outbound to part of this site, when they begin to explore the meaning of True Success deeply. Additionally, the branding of the word success makes it a different way to capture the attention of marketplace professionals as well as to work in partnership with other organizations that are ‘success’ related. This website also has a magazine and tape subscription by the same name ‘Success Factors’ and these tools work in conjunction with the site. The site is promoted through, through the distribution of Success Factors Magazine and through Peter Lowe Success Seminars.


Leader2Leader is a seeker site for a more executive level professional and/or young professional seeking to learn from established leaders. This site also provides a clear gospel presentation for the marketplace through the testimonies of marketplace leaders sharing about their personal faith in Jesus Christ as well as a clear step by step gospel presentation. Users find this site through and Additionally, they find this site through promotion at outreach events and word of mouth from friends.


Priority Associates – a site for Christian professionals to learn about Priority Associates and to consider getting involved. This site informs the visitor about Priority Associates in user friendly (non-church) language so that they understand who we are and how they can be resourced or how they can get involved. Tone of the site is written in ‘non-churchy’ language so as to not blow away new Christians or strong seekers that might visit the site.

The site makes the case for involvement in marketplace ministry, provides tools and resources for download or ordering. Additionally, it has the Mentor-Leader email service for believers on 7 Key Areas of Professional Growth. The city pages give the user the opportunity to see what they can participate in cities near them. It also gives the user the opportunity to explore getting involved with the Priority Associates ministry.


Priority Leader - a site for Christian professionals to be trained and equipped for evangelism, discipleship and leadership. This is an equipping site for Christian professionals that are serious about being involved in evangelism and discipleship in a marketplace setting. This site is usually found because user is invited to be involved in leadership. There are many free resources on apologetics and marketplace issues. There are also other downloadable resources that are password protected for those who have been approved to use them as city leaders. This is a core discipleship and leadership training site.

warning iconPlease do not publish this strategy online in a detailed form, as it rather ‘gives the game away’.
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