Well Connected – Releasing Power, Restoring Hope Through Kingdom Partnerships

Phill Butler
Authentic Books/World Vision
ISBN 1-932805-54-0

Restored relationships are at the heart of the gospel. There is even relationship within the Godhead. And only through relationships can groups of Christians share the gospel (1 Cor. 12:12-31). Sadly, we are not always good at partnering across organizational or denominational boundaries. Yet there are many strategic outreaches which are only possible at this co-operative level. This is particularly true of web ministry, where there is great potential for integrating web outreach, radio, literature, with follow-up and local churches. There are a growing number of networks for web ministry in different countries and regions.

Phill Butler’s book is born out of many years of helping missions, ministries, and churches to collaborate strategically. (Phil is the ministry leader of visionSynergy which exists to facilitate such collaboration.) He explains, with frequent case studies, the principles needed to unlock the incredible potential of partnerships. There is really no other book that offers all these insights.

The list of commendations for this book from mission, church and ministry leaders reads like a Who’s Who of the evangelical world. It really is that good! Some organizations are buying the book in bulk for all their ministry leaders (see website for volume discounts). “It’s a must read,” says Bob Buford of Leadership Network. The entire book is now available as a FREE PDF download: ConnectedBook.

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