The New Community Rules – Marketing on the Social Web

Tamar Weinberg
ISBN 0-596-15681-2

It’s a little over 300 pages, but reads easily and is a great reference tool for navigating social media sites such as Facebook and Flickr, understanding blogs and why YouTube is so popular. If you are in ministry and are not using social media, or just getting your feet wet, this book will really flesh out the why’s behind everything and how to leverage social media towards your organization’s goals.

I most enjoyed chapter two Goal Setting in a Social Environment, and chapter three Networking and Implementing Strategy. I’ve noticed that many ministries use social media haphazardly and may dive into various platforms or spend resources on different tools, without a clear goal or purpose. Simply getting a handle on this area can dramatically increase many ministries’ use of social media.

Grateful thanks to Brian Barela for this review. Brian ministers with CCCI and blogs at The Necesary Things.

O’Reilly also publishes other books on related topics.

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