how to live out your faith online

Tami Heim and Toni Birdsong
Digital Scribe Press
ISBN 978-0-9228962-0-4

This is a dynamic book about sharing faith online through social networking.

Tami Heim and Toni Birdsong are gifted writers and communicators. Their blog tag-line ‘keeping it real & living sticky online 4 Him’ sums up their vision. ‘Sticky’ reflects their desire that the message should be shared in such a way that it clings to people’s hearts.

authors pic Heim and Birdsong ‘get’ social media. Many businesses, and even churches, attempt to use social networking as a one-way delivery system for their message, and then wonder why they are ineffective. This book explains clearly that it should be relational, servantlike, listening, compassionate, and inclusive.

Each chapter is illustrated by short true stories relating the experiences of other online Christians, and ends with a ‘download’ summary of spiritual principles relating to that chapter, plus an ‘upload’ prayer response. But there’s plenty of practical advice too – how to start using Facebook and Twitter, as well as wisdom on keeping yourself safe online at every level. Wide-ranging footnotes refer you to helpful books and webpages, and a glossary explains concepts to anyone unfamiliar with them.

@stickyJesus is a vital introduction to social networking because it is both spiritual and practical, readable yet deep, envisioning and infectious.

It is available in hardback and Kindle formats. (You may find first issue paperback version in stock at some outlets/secondhand.) Check the @stickyJesus blog for more reviews, press kit and other resources.

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Available online: Amazon US | Canada | UK | France | Germany | India | New Zealand | Japan

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