Get Noticed in a Noisy World

Michael Hyatt
Thomas Nelson
ISBN 978-1-59555-503-8

When I read book reviews, I can be skeptical of those that insist a book is “unmissable”. I have a backlog of ebooks and paper publications waiting to be read, and need rather strong evidence that a new book actually offers worthwhile insights that repay my investment of time and money.

Now I’ve read Platform, I can tell you everything others have claimed for the book is true. This really is the best book available on using social media to communicate your message. Read some taster pages using Google Preview ▶

Who is it for?

If you are a non-profit, mission agency, advocacy campaigner, church, Christian ministry or resources supplier, or an individual wanting to leverage social media for evangelism or discipleship, this book provides the road map. Hyatt doesn’t tell you what to say – that of course is down to you. (And, I strongly recommend, you use a lot of storytelling, personal openness and interactivity. Social media doesn't network itself – it needs a real person in the ongoing conversation.) But he explains how to say it in simple practical achievable steps, within an integrated raft of best practices drawn from his years of experience as a blogger, communicator and Christian publisher. Not every part of the book will apply to every situation or culture. And although Hyatt does give some advice on business selling, this is not the thrust of the book – unlike most social networking advice books, which are usually entirely about sales. It is about how to communicate a message.

From my lookout point over the Christian web, I frequently see ministries that are losing out badly because they do not understand the nature of digital communication or social networking, and so are unable to use them effectively.

What’s it worth?

Well, what does it cost? Perhaps a week’s supply of coffee at your favorite coffee shop? (Strangely, the Kindle version is slightly more expensive than the hardback.)

What’s it worth? Well, how much would you expect to pay for 20 hours of one-to-one social networking training with a professional consultant?

If this book leverages your ministry or message by a factor of two, or five, perhaps much more, can you ever express that in financial terms?

For what it’s worth, sorry, I just have to say, “unmissable”.

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