Using the Internet to Make Fishers of Men

Craig von Buseck
B & H Publishing Group
ISBN 978-0-8054-4784-2

“People do their secret thinking on the Internet,” says John Edmiston, quoted in Craig von Buseck’s excellent book, NetCasters. That simple but profound statement opens us to why millions are searching the Web for answers to their spiritual questions. The question for the Church, however, is whether it will embrace Internet evangelism and step up to connect with these searching individuals. And if it does, the second question remains: How?

NetCasters shows compellingly that God is behind internet evangelism in a very real and powerful way – globally. Moreover, NetCasters will acquaint the reader with biblical rationales for doing Internet evangelism, explain the methods, techniques and tools for it, and introduce the networks and key advocates that power it. NetCasters is the easy and comprehensive introduction readers have been looking for to quickly bring them up to speed on the rich, multifaceted ministry of internet evangelism. I wish every church and ministry leader could read it – and bring their evangelism efforts into greater fruitfulness in this digital era.

Review by Dave Hackett, Associate Director,