I Hate Witnessing - A Handbook for Effective Christian Communication

Dick Innes
Acts Communications
ISBN 0-9642525-0-3

It’s not what it sounds! This is not a manual of ‘what to say’ through gritted teeth when ‘out doing witnessing’. Instead, the book initially shows how to get off the ‘Guilt Trip’ of wrong motivation for evangelism. It goes on to show what things actually communicate Christ effectively to others; how to get past closed minds; and examines the methods Jesus used in building bridges – using personalized and appropriate ways to reach individual people through their felt needs. These essential lessons in evangelism are highly relevant to online witness also. This second edition includes a chapter on web evangelism strategies. Two sample chapters are available online: Jesus the Communicator and Needs-based evangelism and can be syndicated into any other website with a few lines of easy-to-copy Javascript code. See other books by Dick.

An excellent 70-minute talk by Dick, taking up many of the themes of the book, is available here:
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