Growth by Accident, Death by Planning
How NOT to Kill a Growing Congregation

Bob Whitesel
Abingdon Press
ISBN 0-687-08325-7

We believe that the Web has enormous potential in facilitating church growth. But a church which does not understand the spiritual dynamics of growth may fail to grow despite an apparently good evangelistic program. Bob Whitesel is a church doctor/consultant. There are very few people with his sort of ministry. Most of us see things happening, for good or bad, in the lives of our churches, and have no idea what is driving these events, or how to change them. Whitesel has the insight to see the causes, explain them clearly, and propose solutions.This book covers the issue of churches which grow, then plateau, or decline. It is packed with common-sense spiritual wisdom and practical steps that churches can take. Only church leadership teams which have no interest in growing, don’t care if they decline, lose members or have generational gaps, should avoid buying this – and Whitesel’s other two books A House Divided: Bridging the Generation Gaps in Your Church and Staying Power: Why People Leave the Church Over Change and What You Can Do About It.

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