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God Space
Where spiritual conversations happen naturally

Doug Pollock
Group Publishers
ISBN 978-0-7644-3871-4

Most of us struggle to connect with outsiders and have meaningful conversations about faith. We may have been taught to use formulaic methodogies to steer conversations and proclaim set-piece ‘one size fits all’ gospel presentations. If ever these worked moderately well in times past, they don’t now.

Pollock‘s book explains his concept of creating a conversational ‘God Space’ in which to engage, by learning to notice and listen, and thereby avoid a range of conversation killers or hijacking methods that control a conversation. Instead, by asking ‘wondering questions’ and listening to the replies, we can actually find areas of common ground where real communication can happen.

This book is of critical importance in understanding biblical evangelism in the 21st century. And its principles equally apply to online evangelism, such as the conversations that arise within Facebook.

“We need web feet”

Doug tells Internet Evangelism Day, “In a post-Christian world where most people have said ‘no thanks’ to our traditional ‘God Spaces’, we need people with ‘web feet’ who understand how to create God Space on the Internet.

“If we took the time to find out what not-yet Christians really thought about our attempts to have spiritual conversations with them, we’d soon discover that far to often we are ‘spamming people for Jesus’. Here’s a question to ask a not-yet-Christian that will help clue you into this unfortunate reality: ‘If I invited you to speak to a large group of Christians on the topic of what NOT to do to have a spiritual conversation with you, what would you tell them?’ Their replies will be very revealing.”

The first two chapters can be read online at the GodsGPS website, which also offers many other resources, including a range of articles and insights into this approach.

Videos with Doug Pollock:

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