Evangelism Made Slightly Less Difficult
Interesting People Who Aren’t Interested

Nick Pollard
Inter-Varsity Press
ISBN 1-84474-043-9 (UK), 0830819088 (US) (without Guide)

Pollard’s experience of evangelism amongst students is the bedrock of this strategic book. It is divided into four sections:

  1. Helping people who don’t seem interested
  2. Helping people who want to find out about Jesus
  3. Helping people with difficult questions
  4. Helping people who want to become Christians
There is a useful 15-page study guide in the ISBN 1844740439 version.

His explanation of worldviews and society’s almost complete switch to postmodernism is very helpful. And the sheer value of his insights and experience will help anyone involved in any type of evangelism, or who wishes to be.

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