Evangelism for the Tongue-Tied: How Anyone Can Tell Others About Jesus

Chap Bettis
Pleasant Word
ISBN 1-4141-0141-4
Free PDF download

It is said that only 25% of evangelicals succeed in sharing their faith verbally in any one year. It’s obviously a big hurdle for many of us, and Chap Bettis isolates the issues and shows how to:
 • pray effectively for evangelistic opportunities
 • build genuine relationships with non-Christians
 • develop the stories of God's work in our lives
 • recognize evangelistic doors that God is opening
 • easily transition to spiritual matters
 • followup after a conversation

These lessons can also apply to chat room witness and other web contacts, as well as face-to-face evangelism. The hard copy book is available through the usual outlooks, but Chap Bettis has generously also made it available as a free PDF download for personal use. A separate study guide is also available.

Available free online: Download book here | Download study guide here

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