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Syndicate the DEI headlines into your site

You can display Digital Evangelism Issues summaries on your own webpage or blog in various ways:
  1. To add Digital Evangelism Issues to Facebook, please follow these instructions.
  2. To add the small Feedburner box (sample top right) to your website, click on the Grab this Headline Animator link below it. Follow the instructions in the popup box to add to your own page. For a webpage, the code option to choose is ‘other (just gimme the code)’, but you can also choose code that is optimized for various types of blog, and MySpace (but not Facebook).
  3. To create a box similar to the larger one to the right, use the javascript code method explained on this page. You can use the CSS height and width properties to make it any size box you wish, including adding it as the main text of a new page within your site.

    We will make a back link to any website making a link to this blog using any of these methods, which will boost your own search engine ranking: here’s the honor roll. Just tell us when you have installed it.

    For the larger box version, you can use a CSS div around the feed to enclose it in a border of chosen width and height, for instance something like <div style="border:1px solid gray; padding:5px; font-size:80%; height:250px; width:200px; overflow:scroll;"> and adjust code and add a title and description to suit your requirements, as we have done in the example on the right.

    You can also adjust the number of words in the description of each blog post, by changing the the value in the coding excerptLength=30 to any figure you prefer. To change the number of blog posts displayed, adjust this code: &nItems=10. Other format changes are explained here.

    You will also need CSS to style the feed content to your own preferences – by default, it comes with bullets by each item, the date below the headline, and no space above each headline. We suggest you use something like the following in your page head or added to an external CSS file:

    ul { list-style-type:none; margin:0; padding:0; }
    li { margin-top:5px; }
    .headline {font-weight:bold;}
    .date {display:inline;margin-left:5px;font-size:80%;}

    To prevent this style affecting other items on your page, enclose the feed coding within a div with an id or class, you can then limit the CSS above to style only these elements within the div: eg; div#feedboxname ul { CSS HERE } or .feedboxname ul { CSS HERE }

    then copy/paste this code into your own page:

    Links in the blog feed will automatically open in a new browser/tab window.

    If you prefer to make a simple page link to DEI (or add to a blogroll), use this code. We also have a short news release for magazines and newsletters.

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