Heartwarming Reese Witherspoon film The Good Lie – free discussion materials

Culturewatch team Damaris are offering free official community resources for The Good Lie. This engaging and heartwarming film, starring Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon, reflects the real-life stories of the “Lost Boys” of Sudan’s 1983 civil war, their challenges to integrate with Western culture, and how their beliefs and values encourage others to find a […]

Are you a maven*? Do you want to publish curated content?

It’s an obvious truth that you should only write about what you know, and what enthuses you. The CopyBlogger infographic below gives you guidance and ideas about how you might write a curated email newsletter. On anything. See also What can I curate? Many of these choices apply equally to curating a visual topic on […]

A language that Christians mostly refuse to translate text into

English is unique in being a world language. In a review of new book What is English? And Why Should We Care? (Tim William Machan, OUP), London Times columnist and language-use expert Oliver Kamm writes: …debates over the nature and purpose of English are longstanding. It’s not only the language but its speakers who are […]

Questions that release stories and space for change

Grounded questions, says Mark Strom in this short 16-min TED lecture, have the power to release stories, creative thought, and transformation. They are not yes/no questions, or even questions about facts or feelings. Mark’s insights are helpful in any area of life, work, or ministry. And here’s another explanation, from the Slideshare blog, of why […]

“You win, infographics!” Print: not so quick

“You win, infographics!” In communicating overall concepts quickly and simply, visual beats text. Learn how churches can use infographics, which apply also to non-profits and other teams. More about infographics. When creating a slide presentation, we must think visual, not text. See this helpful guide to effective visual slide presentations. Source: Rickmann’s Posterous Subscribe, share […]

Damaris discussion resources for Exodus and Unbroken

The Damaris team offers resources for two new films; Exodus Gods and Kings and Unbroken. These provide a great opportunity for groups of churches to get together around a purpose, share the social experience of going out to a cinema and then enjoy some food and some insight and discussion from their Leaders/Discussion Guide. Exodus: […]

Mobile evangelism: Indigitous digital conference in Bangalore, consultation in Europe

An Indigitous digital evangelism conference is coming to Bangalore on February 13-15, 2015. This is an exciting opportunity for any follower of Jesus who has an interest in digital technology. As far as I am aware, it will be just about the first training conference on digital ministry anywhere in India, by anyone. Previous Indigitous […]

A new (to me) Christmas folk story from Germany and Ukraine. About spiders!

Out in a small town the other day, I stumbled upon a one-day Christmas market, and some hand-crafted glass jewelry caught my eye. Or, more specifically, beautiful hand-made spiders about 3 inches/8cms high, sitting over the other jewelry on display. I chose a spider for one of our daughters, and then the jewelry maker suddenly […]

Reaching hurting people with a Facebook community group

Guest blog post by the TruthMedia.com team One of our ministry goals is to make sure that we create relevant and responsive content. This includes creating articles, videos – even something as seemingly simple as social media posts – that are so engaging that our readers are just compelled to respond! Lately, we’ve been working […]

Amazing mobile phones and the next billion Internet users

Memorably, the first spoken words in the first movie with a (partially) synchronized soundtrack were, “Wait a minute, wait a minute. You ain’t heard nothin’ yet!” (in The Jazz Singer). In the world of digital phones access especially in the Majority World, we have barely seen anything yet! Did I ever mention this before? This […]