Meerkat campaign is creative and memorable

Those living outside UK may be unaware of an extremely effective current TV advertising campaign featuring meerkats. The adverts promote insurance comparison service and feature meerkat ‘Aleksandr Orlov’ (supposedly a rich Russian business person) with strong Russian accent. The adverts are based on the fictional supposition that many people are mistakenly going to his […]

Global evangelism and digital media

The Joshua Project has expressed progress in world evangelism using a Global Progress Scale. Different colors represent evangelism status. It would be interesting to create an overlay for this map showing digital penetration in the red (unreached) areas, because many of these have medium to high use of the Web and/or mobile phone ownership: • […]

Thinking outside the box

Scroll down the page to see a graphic video that demonstrates ‘thinking outside the box’ – and thereby enticing people to stop and do something in a different way. Adding fun to the equation makes a big difference, creates desire, and unlocks our inner child. There are also some parable meanings in the visual story […]

The social media revolution

If Facebook were a country, it would be the fourth largest in the world. This video places the growth of social media into context: (You could also download and project this video in meetings or seminars). Check our pages on social networking too. Enrique de Argaez of InternetWorldStats, gives in his newsletter the latest figures for […]

Only with the-fangled interweb thingy

Before the Internet and YouTube, this was impossible – that a small-church wedding video could go viral, and then become the storyline for a major TV series: see The Office, the Wedding and the Power of the Internet – a blog posting from Mark Roberts. Look too at how the world of advertising has changed […]

The potential of mobile ministry

There are many innovative ways to use mobiles, as this article from NTEN explains. Some of these could have specific potential for evangelism, including the use of Bluetooth. And for a fascinating overview of mobile and technology development, (which you could also download and project in meetings or seminars), watch Did You Know 4.0:

Using popular culture as a starting point

I finally got round to reading Tim Steven’s new book Pop goes the Church – Should the Church Engage Pop Culture and was much impressed. He makes a compelling biblical case for using pop culture as a starting point in evangelism. Though he writes from the viewpoint of local church evangelism, his conclusions apply equally […]

A Thousand Questions

This video A Thousand Questions is a moving challenge to Christian service: “Are you ready to take part in God’s story?” Many are using it for church meetings. It’s available in higher definition as a DVD. See also other mission challenge videos (including one about children’s work) available to watch online and download in high-def […]

Starting people thinking

Presentations that starts people thinking about issues are quite rare. Check out this one-minute video clip: Subscribe, share & re-use . . . GET UPDATES BY EMAIL & TWITTER Get our blog posts by email, once or twice a week: Feedburner email | + Feedly RSS or by Twitter: HELP! How Internet Evangelism Day can […]

Flash mobs – how can Christians do it?

There have been a couple of large music/dance flash mobs at European train stations (one a UK TV advert): Antwerp Central Station and London’s Liverpool Street Station: So, can we use flash mobs effectively for evangelism? There’s a recent example of flash mob guerilla worship in Liverpool, which looks like a credible public witness. Do […]